Whats Your Boggle Preview
By Scott Reid
Posted On 12-07-2014 17:26 GMT

This Sunday's ICW: What's Your Boggle heralds ICW's return to London after a monumental debut in the capital back in May. This time around however, there are a few bitter scores to be settled, and no-one is coming to London for an easy night!

Kenny Williams, the boy-wonder of The Kennedy Administration, comes to London on July 13th for one of the biggest opportunities of his career thus far: a shot at the Zero-G Championship against current title holder Mark Coffey. Kenny Williams has long been pushed aside by James R Kennedy in favour of Joe Hendry, but this Sunday, Kenny gets the chance to show why he has been so affectionately dubbed 'the bollocks' by the ICW fans. However, Mark Coffey will not let his title go without one hell of a fight, and Kenny will certainly have his work cut out for him if he hopes to defeat one of the best all-round wrestlers in the UK today. It's Polo Promotions vs The Kennedy Administration, with the ICW Zero-G Championship hanging in the balance!

BT Gunn and Wolfgang have been tormenting one and other for months, leading to a match between the two cousins and former best friends last month at ICW: Jimmy Nails Revenge in Newcastle. In that contest, it looked like Wolfgang may have been closing in on the victory over BT, but the NAK were on hand to make sure that didn't happen, with BT using Renfrews contract briefcase to nail Wolfgang in the skull for the win. This Sunday, Wolfgang seeks his revenge, with the big man more determined than ever to put his cousin down, once and for all. When facing BT Gunn however, one must also contend, not only with BT's supreme skills in the ring, but also with the rest of the New Age Kliq. Will the NAK numbers once again ruin Wolfy's chances of gaining redemption for the months of mind games and attacks, or will the 'Laird of La Cala' outwit his devious cousin, and put the final nail in the coffin of their bitter rivalry?

Noam Dar's quest to reach the main event of ICW continues, with the young star making his way to London to face his next challenge. In a first for Noam, his opponent will be none other than 'The Iron Man' Joe Coffey. Joe and Noam are two of the most naturally gifted athletes in ICW today, dedicating themselves fully to being the absolute best that they can be, however they have never faced each other within the confines of ICW before. With a powerhouse like Joe Coffey taking on the lightning fast Noam Dar for the very first time, it's a clash of styles that could potentially lead to one of the most exciting matches in ICW history.

The ICW Tag Team Champions, The Bucky Boys, have faced some of the best tag teams in the world, and were set to take on the London Riots this Sunday, with their titles on the line. However, Davey Boy found himself the victim of a vicious attack earlier this week from two unknown assailants, leaving him injured and unable to compete. Not content with missing out on ICW: What's Your Boggle though, Stevie Boy made a phone call to his cousin Greg Burridge, asking him to step in for Davey. ICW fans have yet to see Greg Burridge in action, but we are told that Greg is a Bucky Boy through and through, and will defend the tag team gold in Davey's place. The Buckys may still be defending their gold this Sunday, but The London Riots proved in their ICW debut that they are here to make an impression, after they knocked off The Coffeys in a show-stealing contest. Can the extended Bucky family come out on top, or will the London Riots be crowned the ICW Tag Team Champions in their home city?

Grado vs Sha Samuels was originally scheduled for ICW: A Show In London back in May, but a pre-match beatdown and the involvement of Jackie Polo and Rob Cage saw the match change to a Six Man Tag match. Grado, along with Wolfgang and Noam Dar, were victorious that night, but Grado made it clear in an interview for ICW Worldwide that he wanted Sha Samuels one-on-one the next time he was in London. Grado may have the heart of a lion, but calling out Sha Samuels is not always a smart move. Known for his no-nonsense brawling in the ring, Sha is a very dangerous individual, and will be out to pick up his first singles win in ICW, at the expense of one of the company's top stars.

Since joining the New Age Kliq, Darkside has been on a roll. With new life breathed into him, and a new focus, Darkside has looked more dominant than ever over the last few months. The last time ICW came to London, Darkside did what many thought was impossible. In an impromptu match, Darkside was able to choke out the monstrous 'Beast of Belfast' Damo, thanks to some assistance from his NAK cohorts. Not happy with how things went down that night, Damo demanded to be given another shot at Darkside in London, which ICW Management was more than happy to grant him. Darkside is a devious character, but all the brains in the world may not be able to save him now that the 'Beast of Belfast' has him in his sights. Can Damo gain some revenge, or will Darkside conquer the Beast twice?

The main event of the evening on July 13th is a Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team match between ICW Heavyweight Champion Jack Jester & Jimmy Havoc, and the NAK's Chris Renfrew & Dickie Divers. A contest almost completely mirroring the now infamous Tag Match from last July which ICW Management deemed "Too Violent" to air footage of to the public, this match has the potential to be a defining moment in ICW history, with 4 of the most insane men in all of ICW stepping into a highly unpredictable setting. The war between Jester & Havoc/The NAK has been raging on for a year now, and it may take more than the confines of the O2 Academy Islington to contain the contents of this combustible encounter. Going into this match, there is also the question of Chris Renfrew's Square Go contract, which grants him an opportunity at the ICW Heavyweight Championship at a time of his choosing. Will this be the perfect moment for Renfrew to strike, and potentially leave ICW: What's Your Boggle with the gold?

This is a show you will not want to miss! With some of the absolute best that ICW has to offer coming to London to settle their scores, and battle for the gold, ICW, the O2 Academy Islington, and London as a whole, may never be the same again!

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