BT Gunn vs Wolfgang 2
By Scott Reid
Posted On 10-06-2014 00:46 GMT
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Things between BT Gunn and Wolfgang seem to be getting worse before they better. After months of violence and mind games, Wolfgang and 'The Oddity' finally squared off in the opening contest of ICW: Jimmy Nail's Revenge in Newcastle. Bad blood could not have been more evident as the two cousins brawled wildly, looking to put one and other out of action for good. Once again though, Wolfgang would not only face the madness of BT Gunn, but he would be forced to contend with the rest of the New Age Kliq.

As it looked like Wolfgang may be closing in on the victory, Chris Renfrew and Darkside appeared, causing a distraction and allowing BT to nail Wolfgang in the head with Renfrew's metal contract briefcase, stealing the win from under the big mans feet.

Now, at ICW: 'What's Your Boggle?', its time for round 2, and after the events of Newcastle, Wolfgang will be more determined than ever to finish off BT Gunn for good. the question is, will Wolfgang be walking into a fair fight, or will BT Gunn have another plan up his sleeve involving his NAK brethren?

Regardless, Wolfgang will walk into London for the second time, determined to gain his revenge on BT Gunn for the months of torment he has endured, but he is battling no ordinary man. Despite being a master of mind-games, 'The Oddity' BT Gunn has been involved in some of the most brutal matches in ICW history, and it takes a lot for anyone, even a man like Wolfgang, to keep the demented high-flyer down.

Don't miss the second chapter of this extremely personal rivalry at ICW: 'What's Your Boggle?' at the 02 Academy Islington on July 13th. Tickets are on sale now at, and

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