Wolfgang Falls To The NAK
By Scott Reid
Posted On 18-07-2014 18:53 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Renfrew , Dickie Divers , Wolfgang

The ongoing war between Wolfgang and BT Gunn took an absolutely sickening turn on Sunday at ICW: 'What's Your Boggle' in London, with the 'The Laird of La Cala' falling victim to a horrendous attack which may see him out of action for some time.

Originally set to take on BT Gunn in a rematch of their show-stealing contest from ICW: Jimmy Nail's Revenge, Wolfgang came to London looking blood and revenge. As BT Gunn emerged with his NAK teammates, hooded and silent, Wolfgang struck quickly, laying out BT and hitting the Swanton Bomb for the split second victory. Post-match however, it was revealed to all be a trap, as Rob Cage, not BT Gunn, emerged from under the hood. Wolfgang was furious, screaming at Cage to tell him the whereabouts of his demented cousin. He didn't have to wait long however, as BT suddenly appeared from backstage, nailing Wolfgang with a skull-crushing chair-shot to the head.

The beat-down continued with the entire NAK taking shots at Wolfgang, before BT delivered another shot to the head, followed by a top rope double stomp onto Wolfgang, who lay unconscious, face-first, on the steel chair.

Never before has someone man-handled Wolfgang in such a manner, leaving the franchise competitor of ICW completely out-cold in the ring. While we still have no official confirmation on Wolfgang's condition, rumors are abound backstage that he suffered a very serious concussion, amongst other injuries. We will hopefully have more official news on this in the coming days, but it could be safe to assume that Wolfgang will be out of action for the foreseeable future.

The NAK have claimed another victim.

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