Polo Barely Escapes Sweeneys Clutches Once Again
By Scott Reid
Posted On 18-07-2014 19:14 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Sweeney

Jackie Polo was as vocal as ever during ICW: Whats Your Boggle this past Sunday, with the 'King of Chat' and new ICW commentator taking the opportunity to address Kenny Williams post-match, after the young star was unable to capture the ICW Zero-G championship from Mark Coffey. Still impressed with, and eager to sign Kenny to Polo Promotions, Jackie offered Williams a guaranteed contract, only for the young competitor to decline the offer completely, telling Polo to "fucking do one!". This brought out the nastier side of Polo Promotions, who proceeded to punish Williams, before they interrupted by some very familiar music blasting through the 02 Academy Islington.

The man who has haunted Jackie Polo's nightmares for months, Sweeney, appeared and once again had his sight's set on 'Scotland's Best Wrestler'. Mark Coffey tried his best to defend Jackie, but the Zero-G Champion found himself on the receiving end of a vicious clothesline from the mustached mauler.

With seemingly no-one to protect him, Jackie was once again in the clutches of Sweeney, who attempted to deliver the Chokebomb to Polo, only for Mark Coffey to recover and take on Sweeney in a full-blown brawl, with the Zero-G Champion being forced to retreat to the backstage area to escape Sweeney's terrifying brutality.

Be it Glasgow, Edinburgh, or London, Sweeney is will travel far and wide for the chance to get his hands on Jackie Polo, and silence the King of Chat, once and for all. With even the help of the Zero-G Champion Mark Coffey not seemingly enough to slow this Juggernauts momentum, is Sweeney getting closer to finally making good on his promise, by 'kicking Jackie Polo's head in'?

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