Jimmy Havoc Snaps
By Scott Reid
Posted On 18-07-2014 18:59 GMT
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This past Sunday, at ICW: 'What's Your Boggle?' in London, ICW fans were left stunned as Jimmy Havoc, one of the most beloved stars in all of Insane Championship Wrestling, showed his true colors by turning on Jack Jester during their Falls Count Anywhere match against Chris Renfrew and Dickie Divers.

After Havoc was seemingly forced to drop out of the match, due to a missed Top Rope Double Stomp which appeared to have damaged Jimmy's leg, he returned to the ring and demolished his NAK opponents, before shockingly laying waste to Jack Jester with a chair. Many in attendance believed that Jimmy had pledged his allegiance to the NAK, but this was not the case, as Havoc refused to let Chris Renfrew cash in his Square Go contract on the prone ICW Heavyweight Champion.

With Jester lying beaten in the ring, Havoc took to the mic, airing his frustrations over not being given another shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship, despite competing in some of the most barbaric matches in all of ICW, and giving his blood to ICW and the fans. Feeling that Jester had avoided defending his title again for fear of losing it to Havoc, Jimmy swore that he would be returning to ICW in Scotland to take the only thing that he cares about: The ICW Heavyweight Championship, before telling Jack Jester, Mark Dallas and the ICW fans, quite simply, "I Hate You!"

Jack Jester and Jimmy Havoc have battled each other before, but the feeling of a mutual respect and friendship was always there between the two competitors. Now though, Jack Jester will have to be more cautious than ever, as he has one of the most dangerous and sadistic men in British wrestling targeting him. A man completely unhinged, unafraid, and unleashed.

ICW, prepare for the rebirth of Jimmy Havoc!

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