ICW Womens Title - Nikki Storm vs. Viper
Posted On 30-11-2015 13:59 GMT
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The art of being a fighting champion is something that's already not lost on Viper. At Fear & Loathing VIII, she was inserted back into the hunt for the ICW Women's Title by none other than Guest Commissioner Mick Foley. This came as a surprise to both Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm, who had prepared for a one-on-one battle to decide the new champion.

Showing the fighting spirit she always has done in the company, Viper came out on top. There were tears in her eyes as she grasped the ICW Women's Title, becoming the first titleholder in the lineage of that championship. Elsewhere, there were tears of frustration and gritted teeth for both Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm. Both couldn't believe what had happened, unable to comprehend the idea of not being the first champion.

From there, Viper defended the belt against the recently-returning Carmel. What should have been an excellent match was somewhat ruined by a bitter Kay Lee Ray. Interfering in the bout, Ray caused a no contest, something which was aided by the presence of Liam Thomson.

On Sunday, December 6th, Viper defends the ICW Women's Title against Nikki Storm. Not only will the champion be looking over her back for more interference from Ray, but she must also ensure she doesn't take her eye off the ball when it comes to Storm. As dangerous as she is outspoken. 'The Best In The Galaxy' desperately wants that title to back up her claims.

Can Viper fend off the challenge, or will the pressure of being head-hunted as champ cause the ICW Women's Title to go the way of Nikki Storm?

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