Jimmy Havoc vs Chris Renfrew
By Scott Reid
Posted On 09-05-2014 18:59 GMT
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ICW: Up and Atom sees Insane Championship Wrestling return to Studio 24 on May 25th, and at this event, we will see the next chapter in a rollercoaster rivalry between two of the toughest wrestlers in ICW history.

The relationship between Jimmy Havoc and Chris Renfrew has been an intense and often bloody one. In Jimmy’s debut ICW match, he teamed with Iceman in a hardcore tag team contest against Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester. The blood spilled that night was frightening to say the least, but from that chaos grew a respect between Renfrew and Havoc, who formed a friendship based on their love of all things hardcore.

The first time they would face each other one-on-one was in the first ever Scottish World of Sport Rules match at ICW: Insane In The Membrane. In a match that saw everything from technical wrestling, to flat out violence, Renfrew and Havoc took each other to the absolute limit, with the match eventually going to a draw as neither competitor could score a pinfall or submission within the time limit. This contest may have been extremely brutal, but shockingly, it took place at a time when both men called each other a friend. The same cannot be said now…

Since Renfrew turned his back on ICW and pledged his allegiance to the New Age Kliq, he and Jimmy have been on opposite ends of an ongoing war. While Renfrew battles in NAK colours, Jimmy Havoc continues to fly the flag for ICW, and as such, both men have come to blows on a number of occasions in extremely violent tag team contests. On May 25th however, they will go head-to-head for the first time as enemies, with all respect and friendship being cast aside. We have seen what these men will do to each other when they share a common bond. Imagine what will happen when they do battle on May 25th at ICW: Up and Atom!

ICW: Up and Atom takes place on May 25th at Studio 24 in Edinburgh. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster, and Tickets-Scotland.

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