The Rise Of Kenny Williams
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 27-08-2014 22:48 GMT
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The last show of the Edinburgh Fringe, 'ICW: Ice To See You' concluded the run at Studio 24 in dramatic fashion on Sunday night. Fans from all over the world attended the four sold-out events, being thrilled at the antics of international stars like Colt Cabana, but also seeing the true depth of the ICW roster throughout.

One of the newest success stories in the promotion, Kenny Williams has been living up to his nickname of 'The Bollocks' recently, turning in a series of solid showings against formidable opponents such as Mark Coffey, Lionheart and The Sumerian Death Squad. At constant odds with his stablemates in The Kennedy Administration, Kenny has somehow managed to perform well despite the circumstances of his relationship with agent, James R. Kennedy.

If one thing's become clear over the past six months, it's that the dynamic young star wants out of his iron-clad contract with the self-styled 'Sports Agent To The Stars', letting him free to realise his clear potential. Most fans feel the expectation and domineering attitude of his manager is holding him back, and that Kenny Williams would likely fly like a bird towards championship gold were he able to shake such distractions. James R. Kennedy has made it clear however, that if Williams strikes him, he will be out of ICW, something which must be weighing heavy on the mind of the energetic high-flyer.

This past Sunday, Williams faced the ever-threatening Darkside, perhaps the best pure wrestler in the NAK. Waging war in a thrilling match, Kenny gave his all, but was simply unable to piece together the elements required to defeat a veteran such as the former 2-time ICW Heavyweight Champion. Tapping out to a brutal choke submission, the ending to this bout doesn't tell the full story; at several points during the match, Williams was again distracted by Kennedy, who seemed to revel in the pain inflicted on his client by Darkside.

At one point, the arrogant agent slid a wrench into the ring, encouraging Kenny to 'give these people what they want', and to 'show that blood-soaked side these fans know and love'. Clearly playing devil's advocate, Kenny distracted his charge long enough for Darkside to use the wrench himself, nearly causing 'The Bollocks' to have no bollocks!

After the match was over, the leader of the Administration entered the ring, browbeating Kenny once again, forcing him to hold the ropes open as he left the ring, and insisting that he open the curtain for Kennedy, before taking a moment to look at the fans, reflecting on what he was becoming.

What's next for Kenny Williams in ICW? The Kennedy Administration definitely has him locked under contract, allowing him to compete in the promotion, and the abuse shown by James R. Kennedy towards the man he 'looks upon as a son' shows no sign of stopping. Even through all that, there's only so far you can push a man before he starts pushing back, and the frustrated Kenny Williams looks for all the world like his patience is fast running out.

Is the ability to wrestle in front of the ICW fans worth all this physical and mental torture? For Kenny, that answer, at least for now, seems to be a resounding yes, but such defiance can't be sustainable. There may be trouble ahead.

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