The 55 vs. The New Nation
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 01-05-2016 21:03 GMT
Tags: Kid Fite , Sha Samuels

It's rather fitting that The New Nation are the next opponents for Kid Fite and Sha Samuels, because that collective are experiencing a fresh start. Free from the clutches of James R. Kennedy, The 55 will look like regain what they may feel they never lost, the ICW Tag-Team Titles.

At Barramania II, Kennedy hurled a towel into the ring, thus ending his team's title reign and sealing his own fate. Due to pre-match stipulations agreed upon by all, the losing manager was fired from Insane Championship Wrestling. For The 55, it probably came as a relief, they are now able to express themselves like never before. That freedom will be exhibited on May 8th at the Glasgow Garage against Alexander Henry and Jason Prime, otherwise known as The New Nation.

Both teams have a tremendous opportunity. The men who beat The 55 at Barramania - Polo Promotions - are now no longer in the title picture, at least according to the ICW General Manager. Reeling from the idea of having his power tampered with, Red Lightning elected to strip Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey of their status, announcing an 8-team tournament to crown new champions in the process. At the Quarter Final stage, aggression collides.

That's exactly what Henry and Prime bring to the table, and the duo will look to prove that during their very first foray into ICW. On the other side of the ring, they will be met by a team who have shown unity during a time of much division. The 55 at large has been boiled down to a single pair, Fite and Samuels. Showing chemistry like few others, they were arguably the only team able to match the teamwork shows by Polo and Coffey.

That in itself was impressive, and The 55 will be desperate to prove they have only been enhanced by the elimination of their management. No longer bound by rules, they may be the most dangerous unit in the entire tournament. That said, The New Nation provide an unknown commodity in ICW, which could come with incredible threat.

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