ICW Tag-Team Titles - Polo Promotions vs. The 55
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 18-12-2015 21:00 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Kid Fite , Mark Coffey , Sha Samuels

Polo Promotions deserve to be heralded as perhaps the greatest ICW Tag-Team Champions of all time. Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo have held the belts for an astonishing 400+ days, and their reign shows no sign of slowing down. Recently however, they have had to deal with the menacing threat of The 55.

Admittedly, there are problems in that particular group. Kid Fite and Sha Samuels have seemingly excommunicated James R. Kennedy from their midst, utterly furious over the fact that the money man served to cost them the chance at gold during Fear & Lothian III. Kennedy pulled Fite's leg in Edinburgh from ringside, believing it to be Coffey's. This directly led to the finish of the bout, and another Polo Promotions victory.

Afterwards, Fite and Sha roughed up Kennedy, something which continued backstage. ICW cameras picked up on commotion, as The 55 looked to splinter before our very eyes. Since then, Kid Fite and Sha Samuels have been given another shot at the ICW Tag-Team Titles on December 20th in The Garage. The only difference will be that the have personally warned Kennedy to stay away from the match.

Polo Promotions must be rubbing their hands with glee over all of this drama. Whilst The 55 are falling apart, they remain as strong as ever. At ICW's latest event just before Christmas, will they continue their serious run of momentum into the new year? Alternatively, will Kid Fite and Sha Samuels have renewed energy after taking out their frustrations on James R. Kennedy? Just who will be ICW Tag-Team Champion as 2015 draws to a close?

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