What's Next For The ICW Tag Team Championships?
By Scott Reid

A firm fixture of Insane Championship Wrestling is the phenomenal tag-team division which exists within the company. Boasting a diverse and supremely talented group of teams, ICW's tag contests are often highlights of the company's monthly events, and for the past year and a half, each team has chased the highly coveted ICW Tag Team Championships.

Officially sanctioned in September 2012, the ICW Tag Team Championships were first captured by The STI, who were victorious in a Tag Title Tournament which culminated in a TLC match against their long-time rivals, The Bucky Boys. Grange and Divers held the belts until March 2013, when they faced The Bucky Boys once again in a Ladder match, which saw the fan-favourite team walk away with the gold. Upon winning the belts however, The Bucky Boys instantly found themselves the targets of The Sumerian Death Squad, who looked to assert their dominance in ICW by defeating Davey Boy and Stevie Boy for the Tag Team Championships. Tommy End and Michael Dante may not have officially won the titles, but their desire for gold was great enough that they robbed the Bucky Boys of the championship belts, and maintained possession of them for a number of months until they returned to face the Bucky Boys yet again, in a match which saw Davey and Stevie come out on top yet again.

In August 2013 though, at ICW: Dave's Not Here Man, the titles officially changed hands for a second time, with The Bucky Boys losing the belts in a brutal Four-Way Elimination match to Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn of the New Age Kliq. Holding the titles and defending them under 'Freebird Rules', Renfrew, Gunn and Dickie Divers kept a firm grasp on the Tag Team Championships, despite wrecking and personalising the belts in a show of disrespect to ICW, and showed no signs of parting with the 'NAK World Tag Team Championships'. However, after managing to avoid the booked match in December by taking out Davey Boy, the NAK were entered into an impromptu match against the Bucky Boys at the Third Annual Square Go, which ended with a double pin. With both teams scoring a pinfall, ICW Mark Dallas felt it necessary to vacate the championships, and in the process, finally regain the belts from the NAK.

The question now is; How will new ICW Tag Team Champions be decided, and which of the extremely talented teams on the roster will claim the gold for their own?

Will a former title holder step up and reclaim the belts once again? The Bucky Boys have always been firmly in the ICW Tag Team Championship picture, and rightly so. The strength and ferocity of Davey Boy, coupled with the high-flying style of Stevie Boy have wowed audiences since the two young stars first teamed together, and built them into one of the most popular tandems that ICW has ever seen. With a wealth of talent, a strong partnership, and the fans on their side, could the Bucky Boys become the first team to win the ICW Tag Team Championships for a second time?

Or could the NAK win back the belts that they feel they never truly lost? The New Age Kliqs dominance as a unit over the past year has been well documented and, love them or hate them, it cannot be denied that Renfrew, Gunn and Divers make an effective team, who capitalise on their numbers advantage wherever possible. Each possessing a mean streak a mile long, you can be sure that the NAK will do whatever it takes to win back the ICW Tag Team Championships should the opportunity present itself.

But what of the teams that have yet to taste Tag Team Championship success? The Coffey Brothers may not be a tandem who team together as frequently as others in ICW, but the family bond these brothers share, along with undeniable talent in the ring is something that cannot be argued with. Able to break their opponents down slowly and methodically, before attacking with pure blunt force trauma, The Coffeys are a well-oiled machine that steamrolls through anyone who gets in their way. Joe has kicked off his 2014 by becoming the new ICW 'Iron Man', while Mark is currently in his first impressive reign as ICW Zero-G Champion, showing that the Coffeys are no strangers to success. That will to win could lead them, very soon, to their first ICW Tag Team Championship reign.

Fight Club are certainly no strangers to tag team gold, having won championships all over the world, but the team of 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson and Kid Fite have yet to reach the top of the ladder in ICW, despite their unquestionable talent and experience. Dangerous, battle-hardened and fearless in the face of even the biggest adversaries, Fight Club can square-off against the best of them, and have the accolades to show for it. 2013 may have been a turbulent time for Fight Club, but they have come into 2014 with a more aggressive outlook and approach to their in-ring performance, which could be the key to these two tough-as-nails veterans finally winning the ICW Tag Team Championships for themselves.

Last, but by no means least, one cannot forget the ever-looming black cloud that is the Sumerian Death Squad. Bringing destruction and violence wherever they go, Tommy End and Michael Dante are a world-travelled and highly dangerous combination, who have become fixated on winning the ICW Tag Team Championships. At Fear & Loathing VI, the Sumerian Death Squad won a number #1 Contenders match which guaranteed them a shot at the tag titles, however with no champions currently in place to defend the belts, Tommy End and Michael Dante have no-one to challenge for the gold. Will they return soon to demand a shot at the ICW Tag Team Championships, or will they lie in wait until the opportune moment arises for them to defeat a new team of champions in their home turf of ICW?

The future of the ICW Tag Team Championships may be uncertain for now, but with the door now open for absolutely any team to take the gold, we could very well see a war take place within the Insane Championship Wrestling tag team division. To hold the titles cements you as the number 1 team in all of ICW, and everyone will be out to do whatever it takes to get to the top of the mountain of one of the most competitive tag team divisions in all of Professional Wrestling today.