Sweeney Returns!
By Scott Reid

Prior to ICW: 100% Shenanigans, a mysterious video appeared online, teasing the return of an unknown figure to ICW. Fan speculation was rife, with many potential names thrown into the pot. When the event came around however, the fans waited no longer to find out who the enigma was.

As Mark Dallas stood in the ring to deliver an announcement about ICW's path in 2014, a familiar red hue came over the Garage as a ghost from Dallas's past made his return: the man they call Sweeney. The unpredictable bruiser was shockingly fired by Mark Dallas earlier in the year, despite helping the ICW owner defeat Jackie Polo. Since then, no-one had seen or heard from Sweeney, with his normally brimming twitter account going all but dead.

With no-one expecting his return, Sweeney was met in the ring by a confused and unprepared security team, who found themselves laying on the ring canvas when all was said and done. Sweeney ripped through every man who stood in his way, before staring down his former employer. Dallas stood terrified in the corner, but instead of receiving vicious beating like that of the ICW security team, Sweeney simply presented him with a mysterious envelope.

While the question before 100% Shenanigans was "Who is returning?", the question now is ; What was in the envelope? Is Sweeney back in ICW once again? Is he perhaps suing Mark Dallas for his previous dismissal? The questions continue to come with Sweeney, and we can now only wait to see what comes next from the moustached monster.