Sweeney: The Thorn in Polo’s Side
By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-05-2014 15:13 GMT
Tags: Joe Coffey , Sweeney

Jackie Polo is one of the most outspoken men in all of Professional Wrestling today. A man who can get under the skin of almost anyone with his no-holds barred speeches, his razor-sharp tongue and his unapologetic nature. It is those qualities that have brought Jackie Polo to the forefront of ICW, but also have built him a list of enemies as long as his arm.

The likes of Solar, Noam Dar and of course Lionheart have all made clear their disdain for the ‘Scotland’s Best Wrestler’, who has targeted them, as well as others, in his egomaniacal trip. While each of these men have stood up to Polo, with varying degrees of success, Jackie has never backed down from any one of them, and has shown no fear in the face of anyone.

Anyone, that is, besides the moustached monster, Sweeney.
Since he arrived in ICW, Sweeney has bulldozed his way through anyone put in front of him and, despite having only officially competed in the Second Annual Square Go, he has struck fear into the hearts of anyone whom he targets. One man who has been a constant on the big man’s hit-list is Jackie Polo. Last year, as Polo sought to seize control of ICW from Mark Dallas, the owner of ICW employed Sweeney as his personal security, with the man-mountain making it his personal mission to play Polo at his own game, and get under the skin of the ‘King of Chat’, chasing him from the venue and permanently keeping Polo on edge. At ICW: Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, Sweeney finally got his hands on Polo, knocking him out with Jackie’s own polo club and causing him the victory with Mark Dallas.

Since then, the two men did not cross paths until ICW: Show Me Your Lizard, when Jackie took on Solar. Post-match, Jackie looked to send a message to his nemesis, Lionheart, by attempting to deliver the Styles Clash, the same move which broke Lionhearts neck, to the young luchador. Before he could send that message however, Jackie was interrupted by some very familiar music, heralding the arrival of the ghost from his past, Sweeney. Frozen with fear, Jackie was helpless to the wrath of the big man, who delivered a thunderous choke-bomb to Polo, before almost “relieving himself” on the chairman of Polo Promotions. Jackie was able to deliver a quick low-blow and slither from the ring, but was left with a frank and clear message from Sweeney: “It might not be tonight, but one of these days, you’re going to get your fucking head kicked in!”

Polo may have escaped the clutches of Sweeney this time, but can he keep running from the bad boy from Barlinnie forever, or will karma finally catch up to ‘Scotland’s Best Wrestler’ in the form of Sweeney?

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