By Scott Reid

During Mark Dallas's battle with Jackie Polo for the ownership of ICW, a number of people interfered on the founders' behalf as part of a well laid plan to ensure his victory over the 'King of Chat'. However, while many names assisted Dallas, none made more of a definitive impact than Sweeney, who coaxed Polo into a false sense of security before laying him out cold with a club, allowing Dallas to pick up the victory.

With his attack being the final nail in the coffin of Polo's ICW stint, one would presume that Sweeney would be held in the highest regard by Dallas. However, much of the praise and attention from the match seems to be falling on another name; the returning Lionheart. After months of goading from Polo, Lionheart made his presence felt by being the first man to interfere on Dallas's behalf, laying his tormentor out with the Uranage.

Unfortunately, a few days after the ICW: Terminator 2 - Judgement Day, word broke that Sweeney's ICW contract had in fact been terminated.

While information is still relatively unclear, it seems that Sweeney had a deal, out with his ICW contract, to protect Mark Dallas, but at some point after July 14th, Sweeney stated that he longer agreed to the terms of this deal. While this may not have been part of his official contract, Mark Dallas saw fit to terminate his former protectors' job. The question is, why?

Why did Sweeney feel it was time to break off his agreement with the owner of ICW? What was said to make Mark Dallas go to the extreme lengths of firing Sweeney completely? Much is still unclear about this story and, despite the best attempts of insanewrestling.co.uk, Sweeney is still unavailable for comment, with his telephone remaining unresponsive, and his usually brimming Twitter feed all but desolate since the day following the event.

Hopefully more information will come to light about this story, and we will do our best to keep you updated.