By Scott Reid

Tommy End and Michael Dante, collectively known as the Sumerian Death Squad, have made a huge mark in ICW in a very small space of time. Despite having only competed twice within the confines of the insane asylum, the Sumerian Death Squad have made their presence felt by taking on The Bucky Boys in two show-stealing matches, as well as by stealing the ICW Tag Team Championship belt, and kidnapping The Wee Man. They may not be out to impress the fans, but no-one can deny the impression that this phenomenal tag team has made throughout 2013.

With their reputation within ICW growing, the Sumerian Death Squad were recently confirmed to return at ICW: Fear & Loathing VI. The question is, who will they be looking to step into the ring with?

As mentioned before, The Bucky Boys have developed an extremely tense rivalry with Tommy End and Michael Dante, and have succeeded on both occasions at defeating the SDS. Will End and Dante be out for vengeance, in hopes of picking up a win over the ICW favourites? Each time these two teams have stepped between the ropes, the results have been explosive, to say the least. Will ICW be treated to another world class match between The Bucky Boys and the Sumerian Death Squad?

The Sumerian Death Squad have shown their taste for the gold too however, going as far as to steal the tag belts a few months ago. With the New Age Kliq now in possession of the coveted titles, will Tommy End and Michael Dante have new targets in their sights in their mission to legitimately hold the ICW Tag Team Championships? The SDS may be the only team who can claim to be as ruthless as the NAK, so a meeting between these two teams would surely lead to some intense action!

Or perhaps the SDS will have another team in their crosshairs. ICW's tag team division is brimming right now, and Tommy and Dante will no doubt jump at the chance to show their superiority over a home-grown ICW team, should the opportunity arise.

No matter who they face, the Sumerian Death Squad will be stepping into ICW: Fear & Loathing VI on a mission to prove that they are the premier tag team in the world today! All we have to do now is wait and see who will step into the ring to face them!

ICW: Fear & Loathing VI takes place on Sunday 13th October at the O2 ABC in Glasgow! Tickets on sale NOW at , , and the O2 ABC box office and website!