Glasgow Street Fight: The Matches that changed the course of ICW Part 4
By Scott Reid

The most recent Glasgow Street Fight in ICW was one that was fought not for personal grudges, or for control, but instead for principal. ICW has always been known for pushing the envelope and breaking boundaries. Hell, only in a company like ICW could the Glasgow Street Fight even hope to exist. So, when the Official Community arrived in 2012, hoping to bring censorship and family entertainment to ICW, fans knew that eventually, something was going to kick off. With the Official Community spreading their propaganda at every given opportunity, and attacking the likes of the legendary Drew Mcdonald, something had to be done to finally rid ICW of them, and so, at Super Smokin' Thunderbowl, Mark Dallas sanctioned the match personally: The Official Community (Jamie Feerick, Scott Maverick, Damian O'Connor, TJ Rage and Nathan Black) would take on the hand-picked team of ICW crusaders (Chris Renfrew, Jack Jester, Stevie Boy, Davey Boy and Jimmy Havoc) in a 10-man Glasgow Street Fight.

Despite the Official Community preaching clean, wholesome family entertainment, they had no choice but to go to war in a battle that spread throughout the Garage and into the dark Glasgow streets. Scott Maverick and Jamie Feerick found themselves being pummelled in the back of an unsuspecting taxi, while Stevie Boy took a high-risk leap of faith off the venues balcony, onto the combatants below. In the melee, Chris Renfrew even managed to do what no-one thought was possible, by silencing the brash spokesperson of the Official Community, Miss Nicola Storm, with a Stone Cold Stoner. The Official Community may have believed in what they were preaching enough to risk taking on the toughest team ever assembled in ICW, but Team ICW were a team tailor-made for the Glasgow Street Fight, and defeated the suited censors, sending them packing, never to be seen as a unit again.

This Sunday, a whole new chapter gets added to the legacy of the Street Fight, with a brand new city soon to feel the effects of the most violent and unpredictable match in wrestling. The New Age Kliq(Chris Renfrew, Dickie Divers and BT Gunn) have tormented everyone they come across in the last few months, and no-one is more tired of their actions than their opponents, Wolfgang and The Bucky Boys. BT Gunn and Wolfgang have come to blows more than once recently over BT's constant attempts to hurt and humiliate Wolfgang, while the The Bucky Boys are still feeling the sting of the NAK winning the ICW Tag Team Championships from them back in August.

Of the 6 men who will compete in this match, 5 have previous Street Fight experience in ICW, so they will know better than anyone what it takes to win this type of match. Add the months of bad blood that have building up to the mix, and this has the potential to be a truly intense contest. No matter what happens, 2 things are certain: These men will throw caution to wind to pick up the victory, and when all is said and done, Edinburgh will never be the same again!

ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing! takes place at Studio 24 in Edinburgh on February 23rd 2014. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster and Tickets-Scotland