Glasgow Street Fight: The Matches that changed the course of ICW Part 3
By Scott Reid

The Glasgow Street Fight is not only one of the wildest matches in ICW, but can also be the catalyst for key moments which literally change the course of ICW.

The team of T2K, Wolfgang and James Scott (previously known as Darkside) were one of the most decorated tag teams to ever grace Scottish wrestling. Debuting back in 2003, the reuniting of the duo was considered a huge moment when it happened at Fear and Loathing 3, and became an even bigger deal with the fact that, just a few months prior, James had shocked the world by returning from retirement and joining the Gold Label. They were to take on the duo of former champion BT Gunn and Jack Jester. This was the first ever main event to be held in Apollo 23 and it didn't disappoint. They took the fight all over the building and, at one point, fire was even involved in the match when James Scott set his feet on fire to kick BT Gunn in the face! It was Team ICW who would prevail in a mental contest that really set the tone for the new era of ICW in Apollo 23.

In June 2011, ICW: Never Mind the Baws took place, and is another night that is viewed by many as one of the most important evenings in ICW history. It would be the first evening ICW had graced the Classic Grand, it was the first evening that the most heated tag team rivalry in ICW to date started between The Bucky Boys and The STI, and it was the evening that the very fate and future of ICW would be decided when the Gold Label would take on Team ICW for complete ownership of the company! James Scott, Red Lightning, Wolfgang and Lionheart battled the ICW-picked team of Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn, Jack Jester and Kid Fite in a match that spiralled out of control throughout the entire Classic Grand. Team ICW did their absolute best to keep their opponents from achieving the victory (with Jack Jester even bringing a flaming barbed-wire wrapped 2x4 into the mix!), but the Gold Label were firing on all cylinders that night, and shocked the world by defeating Team ICW, and taking control of ICW for a period of time! It was an unexpected turn of events to say the least, and to this day, it is a night that ICW still talk about fondly.

It was only about 3 months later that another Glasgow Street Fight would occur in ICW, at Fear and Loathing 4, but the story behind this match is one that could only be written in the land of the insane. In the match preceding the scheduled main event, Jack Jester and Mikey Whiplash locked horns for the very first time, and in the madness of this contest, the ICW ring was broken to an unsafe point. With no ring too compete in, Team ICW (Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn and Kid Fite) and the Gold Label (Wolfgang, James Scott and Red Lightning) were thrown into an impromptu Glasgow Street Fight, for what would not only be the final showdown in the ICW/Gold Label saga, but would also go on to be, arguably, the most celebrated Street Fight in ICW history. Apollo 23 turned from a venue into a war-zone that night, with every man being pushed to their physical limits. Fought both inside and outside the venue, everything from street signs, to toilet cubicle doors, to a parked bus were used as weapons in this brutal contest. Team ICW prevailed in the end, but the legacy that this match left is something that all 6 of the participants can hold to their credit. This, many say, is the match that got a wider audience talking about ICW, and attracted new fans to events at a time when the company was growing to larger venues throughout Glasgow. Whether that is the case or not is another argument entirely, but there is no arguing that this Glasgow Street Fight raised the bar to a level that few other men could, or possibly ever will, reach again.

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