Glasgow Street Fight: The Matches that changed the course of ICW Part 2
By Jeffery Berry

The next time a Glasgow Street Fight would take place was one of the most historic moments in not only ICW wrestling history, but Scottish wrestling history. After a two year hiatus, ICW returned for Fear and Loathing 2, on an evening which would become the genesis of the two most impactful factions ICW has ever seen...

When BT Gunn was brutally attacked by the unit of Red Lightning and Lionheart, it seemed nobody was willing to help him, until someone from the crowd took exception to the antics in the ring and ran in to save Gunn. That man was Chris Renfrew. This set up a match for later that evening; the second ever Glasgow Street Fight.

To describe this match as wild is an understatement, as the bar was raised even higher than before. It is reported over £500 of damage was done to the venue that evening with dozens of broken chairs, a broken window and bins being thrown around like insults. At one point, BT Gunn even took a DDT onto a WCW ring (Yes, that happened!). It was the team of Lionheart and Red Lightning that would be declared winners of this epic battle, and many insiders consider this match to have played a key role in the start of the ICW train rolling forward, as the reputation of ICW started to carry more weight on the Scottish wrestling scene as a company to watch. This match was also the first time ICW would see what, later, would become the Gold Label and The New Age Kliq.

2010 kicked off at ICW: Payback, with the beginning of the biggest feud in company history, the Gold Label vs Team ICW, in the third Glasgow Street Fight. It was on this fateful night that the Gold Label would officially form as a unit.

The match started off with the team of Lionheart, Red Lightning and Mike Musso taking on the team of BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew, who were looking to gain a semblance of revenge, alongside their partner Wolfgang. At this point, nobody was aware of the major double crosses that were about to occur. Early in the match, Wolfgang was taken to the back seemingly having injured his knee. This did not stop the action however, as the NAK fought against the 3-on-2 odds presented to them. The crazy contest would see Red Lightning consume a litre of a foul smelling alcoholic beverage , Mike Musso get stabbed in the neck with a broom handle, a chicken chow mien being thrown, and a 400 pound man being used as a can't make this stuff up! It was at the end of the match that the story was told though, as the "injured" Wolfgang returned to save his team, or so we thought. He would go on to turn on his partners, revealing his injury to be a fake all along. This was the official formation of the Gold Label.

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