Glasgow Street Fight: The Matches that changed the course of ICW
By Jeffery Berry

In professional wrestling, there are certain matches that can change the lives of all involved. This has been the case since the genesis of the sport. Feuds would be settled, titles change hands and the wrestling company's foundations have changed all together. Many wrestlers and promotions have signature matches associated with them; The Cage Match, the Strap Match, and Hell in a Cell to name but a few. ICW has its own signature match that, when the words are uttered and the match is announced, everyone knows something serious is going to go down; The Glasgow Street Fight. At ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing! on February 21st, we will be hosting ICW's signature match in a new city, as the first ever Edinburgh Street Fight has been announced to take place between the NAK and a Team ICW of ICW managements choosing.

Over the next few days, will be taking a look at the Glasgow Street Fights of the past and how they have changed the shape of ICW through its history.

The first ever Glasgow Street Fight took place over five years ago on February 11th 2007 between ICW originals Wolfgang and Red Lightning. This would be the match to set the tone for the Glasgow Street Fights to come; this would indeed raise the bar as what was to be expected from a Glasgow Street Fight in Insane Championship Wrestling.

You may be asking yourself, how does the Glasgow Street Fight vary from other hardcore style wrestling matches, such as a Falls Count Anywhere match or a No DQ match? The fact that it more often than not ends up out on the Streets of Glasgow contributes hugely to the name. It was not until after the first contest between Wolfgang and Red Lightning that the match would become known as the Glasgow Street Fight, a match style unique to Insane Championship Wrestling, when the contest finished with Red Lightning pinning Wolfgang in the middle of Maryhill Road, Glasgow! This was after Wolfgang had placed Red Lightning in a shopping trolley and threw down a set of stairs, after which Red Lightning picked up the victory by delivering a slingshot to Wolfgang into the shutters of the local Spar (a fact the shop's owner was not pleased about, as he ventured outside to shout at Red Lightning for damaging his business), all of this whilst the local "young team" cheered them on. This was the evening a match type was born, and the night ICW started to live up to their 'Insane' name sake.

To see the first ever Edinburgh Street Fight make sure you have tickets to ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing! this Sunday (February 23rd 2014) at Studio 24, Edinburgh. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster and Tickets-Scotland.