Wolfgang vs Sabu vs Chris Renfrew
By Jeffrey Berry

February 23rd at ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing!, A huge challenge was not only made but accepted, when Chris Renfrew took the mic after gaining a pinfall victory over Wolfgang in the Edinburgh Street Fight. Renfrew passionately proclaimed it should be him facing Sabu at Still Smokin', stating he is the true hardcore icon of ICW and will no longer be overlooked. Wolfgang did not need to be asked twice, and was more than willing to add his enemy into the fray. A few moments later it was officially declared. At ICW: Still Smokin', the match is set; Chris Renfrew vs Wolfgang vs the Icon of Extreme, Sabu!

Have the NAK backed Dallas into a corner in his declaring this match, or does Dallas think the NAK member has bitten off more than he can chew?

It would be naive to think that Renfrew isn't going into the match with a huge bullseye painted on his chest, as he has had well documented issues with Wolfgang dating all the way back to February 2010 when the Gold Label formed. They have never seen eye to eye since, not even for a moment, and it would appear neither man is the forgiving type. It is also no secret the NAK have targeted Wolfgang, in particular BT Gunn, with a rivalry that is deeply personal and runs far deeper than the typical wrestling feud. None of these factors will mean a thing to the icon Sabu though. He is back with one thing in mind, and that is showing he is still a force in the wrestling business, after taking Jack Jester to his very limits back at Dave's Not Here Man! (Available now on DVD). Sabu is back to win, and if Wolfgang and Renfrew cannot take the focus off each other and onto the 'Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal' Sabu, it could result in a devastating loss for both of them.

Looking at the elements of the contest, the style of wrestling that Sabu brings definitely favours Renfrew, who is more accustomed to the hardcore style of wrestling that Sabu is associated with, having competed in brutal contests with the likes of Jack Jester, Jimmy Havoc and Iceman within ICW (often coming out the winner). Although Wolfgang is no stranger to wild contests within ICW, he is not renowned for it, so the style of match may not favour him. That being said, the strength advantage is no doubt in big Wolfy's favour, as he is arguably pound-for-pound the strongest wrestler in ICW today. He also edges Renfrew in experience, but is nowhere near the experience level of the 20-plus year veteran Sabu. There is, of course, the NAK factor to consider, but they may not be a huge factor as they have a huge ICW Tag Title Ladder Match earlier that evening that will no doubt expel the majority of the NAK's energy.

Any way you look at the match, it has 'brutal classic' written all over it. This is the biggest match of both Wolfgang and Renfrew's lives respectively, and we have seen what those two are willing to go through to win, and Sabu will be more than willing to push those limits to the point of breaking.

This may be a grand plan by owner Mark Dallas to destroy the NAK once and for all. He is throwing the most vocal member of the Kliq into the Lion's (or Wolfs) den, and he may very well never emerge the same again. On the other hand, have the NAK managed to manipulate ICW into getting what they want? They could have a master plan to not only finally take out Wolfgang, but also Sabu which, no matter what way you look at it, would be the biggest accomplishment of the NAK to date, ending the career of the seemingly indestructible Sabu.

March 30th at Still Smokin', two ICW originals will take on the original Icon of Extreme in a match that has the potential to tear down the foundations of ICW as we know it....and we can't wait!

ICW: Still Smokin' takes place on March 30th 2014, at the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Tickets on sale NOW at Ticketmaster UK, Tickets Scotland, TripleGMusic.com and the O2 ABC website and box office