ICW Still Smokin' Results
By Scott Reid

ICW: Still Smokin' was another monumental milestone in the history if Insane Championship Wrestling. Not only was it the company's biggest show to date, but it also featured the debuts of two international stars, the surprise appearance of a world-travelled favourite, and the bloody return of a hardcore legend. The 02 ABC in Glasgow will never be the same again.

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Opening the show was ICW owner Mark Dallas, accompanied to the ring by Chris Conscience and his new head of security, Sweeney. Jamie Feerick also attempted to tag along for the ride, but the moustached monster Sweeney quickly disposed of the young man, throwing him from the ring to the floor. Welcoming everyone to ICW, Dallas went on to announce the company's plans for this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Every Sunday of the festival, ICW will be live from Studio 24 as part of the "Everything's Coming up Milhouse" tour, and at every show, Colt Cabana will be in action!

With the announcements over with, Joe Coffey came to the ring for the opening contest of the evening, as he took on ICW debutant Brian Kendrick. Both extremely driven and committed wrestlers who have travelled the world perfecting their craft, Kendrick and Coffey set the bar extremely high for the rest of the ICW roster, in a match that saw both men pull out all the stops to pick up the victory. Kendrick's natural speed kept Coffey on his toes for the entire match, but in the end, Joe was able to hit a devastating lariat to pick up the victory. Only one man may have had his hand raised at the end of this contest, but a mutual respect was formed between Joe and Kendrick, who each showed their appreciation for the others efforts. Joe's night was not over yet however, as James Scott, who was providing guest commentary for the match, appeared in the ring to confront his rival. Claiming to be impressed with Coffeys efforts, James suggested that he and Joe have one more match, which Coffey graciously accepted. When he turned his back though, Joe was Blindsided by James, who locked in the Guillotine chokehold, knocking Coffey out cold. Standing over his fallen rival, the former 2-time ICW Heavyweight Champion proclaimed that "James Scott doesn't live in ICW anymore", before leaving the ring. Scott's cryptics words left everyone in attendance scratching their heads, but hopefully, we will understand them soon

Before the next match, the ICW fans were greeted with the appearance of Lionheart, who made his first appearance in ICW since breaking his neck in the ring only a few weeks ago. Welcomed with a rapturous applause, Lionheart looked blown away by the response from the ICW crowd, and thanked them for all their support during his time of need. Stating that he had been advised to never wrestle again, Lionheart made a vow to be back in the ICW ring and competing by the end of 2014. While this statement had the fans cheering, the mood was soon soured by the appearance of Jackie Polo, who came to the ring sporting a neck brace and crutches, mocking his nemesis. Followed by three members of his personal security, Polo berated Lionheart, before forcing him to leave the ring, for fear of causing further injury. After going on to announce his retirement from ICW competition, Polo welcomed the ICW Zero-G Champion Mark Coffey to the ring.

Coffey announced that Solar would not be challenging for the Zero-G Championship that night due to injury, and that no-one was worthy of challenging him anyway. With those words however, the lights in the o2 ABC went dark. Confused and caught off guard, Mark Coffey could not expect what happened next. As the lights came back on, he was met with a missile dropkick from the top rope by none other than Fergal Devitt! Devitt was not announced to be part of Still Smokin', but the Irish superstar was in the mood for a fight, and officially challenged Coffey for the Zero-G Championship. Hard-hitting, high octane and brutal from start to finish, Coffey and Devitt took the fight straight to each other. Jackie Polo attempted to interfere multiple times on behalf of his client, but it was not enough to help Mark keep the gold. After delivering a top rope Double Stomp to both Polo and Coffey, Devitt covered Mark and claimed the Zero-G Championship for his own, sending the crowd into a frenzy. His appearance may have been a surprise, but Fergal Devitt can now add the Zero-G Championship to his already impressive list of accomplishments!

Kid Fite has had plenty of issues to contend with as of late. Feeling the effects of a rather lengthy losing streak, Fight Club have been on the verge of breaking completely. That being said, Kid Fite has more than put in his fair shift in ICW, and was granted the opportunity to compete against another ICW newbie, Paul London. Coming to the ring with a much more cheerful demeanour than we've seen in recent months, Kid Fite looked to savour his moment at ICW's biggest ever show, stopping to take an in-ring 'Selfie' with the entire crowd. His enthusiasm looked to be infectious, as Paul London made his way to the ring through the crowd, greeting everyone and anyone he met. When the action kicked off, Fite and London were completely on form, with neither man giving the other an inch. The crowd soon began 'teabag' chants, much to the confusion of Paul London. His confusion was soon put to rest however, as Kid Fite dropped his opponent and performed his trademark humiliation tactic. Brawling into the crowd, London delivered a Shooting Star Press onto Fite which had the crowd in awe, before he decided to play Kid Fite at his own game, throwing him back into the ring and delivering a top-rope Seated Tea-Bag Senton! The fun and games were soon over though, as Liam Thomson appeared with Carmel, laying out Kid Fite and Paul London with the backstabber, and dragging London over the body of his fallen former partner, giving the American star the win. London may have picked up the victory, but he was visibly upset by Liam's actions, and took to the mic to run down Thomson and Carmel, before showing his appreciation and respect for Kid Fite who competed in, what many fans are calling, his greatest ICW match to date.

The first half main event was as high-risk as they come. With the ICW Tag Team Championships being vacated in January, new champions had to be decided and so, The Bucky Boys took on The New Age Kliq and The Sumerian Death Squad in a thrilling three-way Ladder Match. The bad blood in this match was evident right from the start, with all six competitors beating each other senseless. Bodies were thrown against steel and caution was thrown to the wind at every opportunity in pursuit of the coveted gold. As the action spilled to the outside, BT Gunn of the New Age Kliq looked to escape from the madness by retreating to a high ledge with a steel chair. His escape was in vain though, as he was surprised by Wolfgang, who beat Gunn down before launching him from over 20 feet in the air into the crowd below. With everyone beaten and tired, Chris Renfrew made a late appearance in the match, and attempted to climb the ladder and claim the gold in the name of the NAK. Davey Boy had other ideas however, and speared Renfrew from the ladder to the canvas below, decimating the #1 Contender to the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Both the NAK and the Bucky Boys pulled every trick out their playbooks, but at Still Smokin', the victory was to go to the Sumerian Death Squad, who thrive in madness, and never fail to capitalise on opportunities when they arise. Michael Dante and Tommy End now possess the ICW Tag Team Championships that they have desperately coveted since they debuted, but they now have huge targets on their back in the ICW tag team division.

After the intermission, it was time to lay a storied rivalry to rest. Grado has had issues with Mikey Whiplash since he first walked into ICW, but at Still Smokin', it was time for their feud to be buried, once and for all. Grado never fails to get the crowd on his side when he walks through the curtain, but his entrance at Still Smokin' was something extra special, as he was sang to the ring by Michelle McManus, a self-confessed fan of Gradomania. With the crowd cheering their hero on, he looked ready to fell the demon who has haunted him for so long. Mikey Whiplash was out to prove that Grado had no place in the ring with him, and pummelled the 'People's Champion' at every turn. As determined as ever though, Grado fought back hard, refusing to give in to his tormentor. No matter what Whiplash threw at Grado, the young man from Stevenston fought on, with the crowd firmly in his corner. Eventually, he found the opening he needed, and nailed Whiplash with a devastating F5, before locking on the STF and shocking the world, by making Mikey Whiplash tap out for the victory. Tired, beaten, but victorious none the less, Grado showed the sportsman within, and extended his hand to Whiplash. Initally hesitant, Mikey could not ignore the heart of Grado, and embraced him in the ring for a job well done. After all the blood, sweat and tears of their storied rivalry, it looks like the war between Mikey Whiplash and Grado may now truly be over.

Joe Hendry has been trying at every opportunity to make a name for himself in ICW. Represented by 'Sports Agent to the Stars' James R Kennedy, and accompanied by Kenny Williams, Hendry is never shy of words, but when a man talks too much, sooner or later his words get him into trouble. Sick of Joe Hendry's constant trash-talking, 'The Beast of Belfast' Damo appeared, and challenged the 'Local Hero' to a match then and there. With nowhere to go, Hendry was forced to face the man mountain, and was pummelled for his efforts. Hendry is undoubtedly talented, but the size and strength advantage of Damo looked to be too much for the young man. It wasn't until James R Kennedy attempted to interfere that the tables turned for Joe. With Joe on Damo's shoulders, JRK leaped to the turnbuckle, but found himself being carried on top of Hendry, before being planted to the canvas by Damo. Kenny Williams looked to win the good graces of his associates by delivering a Flying Crossbody to Damo, but the Beast of Belfast caught the young man in mid-air. Amongst the madness though, Damo never spotted the newest associate of JRK, 'The Consequence' Timm Wylie, slither into the ring. Matching Damo in strength and ferocity, Wylie delivered a thunderous Spear to the big man, and threw his associates on top of Damo, sealing the win for Joe Hendry, and signifying to the dominance of the "Kennedy Administration".

It was then time for the main event of the evening. Jack Jester faced his toughest challenge to date, as he defended the ICW Heavyweight Championship against Chris Renfrew, Wolfgang and the returning 'Hardcore Icon' Sabu. Every man in this contest was determined to leave with the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and were willing to do anything to get it. Blood was spilled, bodies were thrown all over the ABC, and chairs were launched around the ring like missiles. Despite his lack of familiarity with Chris Renfrew and Wolfgang, Sabu was on top form, beating down anyone who got in his way. Chris Renfrew has avidly chased the ICW Heavyweight Championship for months now, and was out to prove that he was man to stand on top of the ICW Mountain. Late in the match, it looked like Wolfgang may have had the Championship within arm's reach, but it was not to be for the 'Laird of La Cala'. The victory came for a bloodied Jack Jester after he delivered a Tombstone to Chris Renfrew onto a steel chair, successfully defending his title once again. Jester may have felled Renfrew this time, but he still has a target set on him by the New Age Kliq. As Jester requested to be part of this match, after Red Lightning was forced out the proposed title match due to injury, Chris Renfrew's Square Go contract for a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship is still valid, and can be used at any time until Janury 2014. Wherever Jack Jester goes for the forseeable future, be sure that Chris Renfrew will not be far behind him.

As he stood in the ring celebrating, Jack Jester was joined by Sabu, who appeared to show his respect for the champion. What happened next though could not have been anticipated by anyone.

With Jesters back turned, Sabu shockingly attacked, savagely beating the ICW Heavyweight Champion. Ramming Jester's own corkscrew into his forehead and beating him senseless, Sabu was like a wild animal, chasing off security guards and terrifying fans at ringside. After dropping a ladder onto Jester and beating him further, Sabu made it extremely clear that he wanted the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and would stop at nothing to get it. The fans in attendance were in shock at what had occurred, but no-one looked more caught off guard than Jack Jester, who could not believe that the man he respected so much would turn on him.

ICW Still Smokin' was a wild and exciting night, with plenty of shocks, surprises and history-making moments. What will be the repercussions of the night's events as we head into ICW: Show Me Your Lizard at the Garage on April 27th? Only time will tell!

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