Jackie Polo vs Lionheart
By Scott Reid

ICW: Still Smokin' at the o2 ABC on March 30th is shaping up to be a night of epic proportions. It will be a night where scores are be settled, titles will be challenged, and legends will face the best that ICW has to offer, but for two men, it is a night that they have been destined to reach for almost 2 years. Jackie Polo and Lionheart are heading towards an all-out war, and ICW: Still Smokin' will be their battleground.

Upon his announcement that he would be retiring from Scottish wrestling in late 2012, Lionheart found himself the target of Jackie Polo, who was highly critical of the ring veteran, calling him "Scottish Wrestling's biggest overrate" and claiming that his success was achieved by sucking up to promoters, rather than through his own talent. Despite this, plus months of berating and taunting online by Polo, Lionheart remained almost silent on the subject, seemingly refusing to rise to the 'King of Chat's' verbal assault.

In July 2013 however, Lionheart finally decided that enough was enough, and returned to ICW at the expense of his tormentor. In the early goings of his match with Mark Dallas, Jackie Polo found himself face-to-face with the returning Lionheart, who dropped the 'King of Chat' in the centre of the ring with the Final Moment. On that night, Jackie Polo made his departure from ICW, but unfinished business is not an easy thing to let go of for anyone.

After his match with Kenny Williams in December, Lionheart felt the sting of a Polo club to the head, when Jackie Polo returned to confront his nemesis and officially announce that, on March 30th 2014, they would finally meet in the ring at ICW: Still Smokin' at the o2 ABC. Since that night, the tension between the two men has been growing constantly, with a war of words adding fuel to an already wild fire. Lionheart has openly stated that, in order for Jackie Polo to call himself "Scotland's Best Wrestler', he has to beat the man who has often been considered the best pound-for-pound wrestler in Scotland, and who holds more accolades that anyone in Scottish Wrestling; Lionheart. Whether Jackie Polo agrees with this or not, it is hard for anyone to ignore the credentials that Lionheart brings to the ring.

Jackie Polo Returns to the ring at the ICW Square Go and is confronted by Lionheart

At ICW: The Goggle's! They Do Nothing, things finally came to an explosive head between the two rivals, as Jackie Polo took it upon himself to provide live commentary on Lionhearts match against the latest signing to Polo Promotions, Zero-G Champion Mark Coffey, before distracting Lionheart and costing him the gold. Taking to the mic, Polo confronted Lionheart in the ring one more time, before adding a new, and potentially humiliating stipulation to their upcoming bout; On March 30th, Jackie Polo will face Lionheart in a 'Kiss My Arse" match. The announcement of this added stipulation may have been the tipping point for Lionheart, who engaged in a violent and fiery brawl with Polo that could barely be contained by the ICW security staff.

Rarely has ICW seen two men who hold such a bitter grudge towards one and other, and now, one of them will have to face the humiliating reality of having to kiss their opponents arse in front of the entire ICW: Still Smokin' crowd. The question now is, who will pucker up on March 30th?

Will Jackie Polo finally defeat Lionheart, and have his nemesis call him "Scotlands Best Wrestler"? Or will Lionheart be able to finally silence the bane of his life over the last few months, and humiliate him for his troubles?

ICW: Still Smokin' takes place on March 30th 2014, at the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Tickets on sale NOW at Ticketmaster UK, Tickets Scotland, TripleGMusic.com and the O2 ABC website and box office.