The Bucky Boys vs The New Age Kliq vs Sumerian Death Squad
By Jeffrey Berry

At ICW: The Goggles They Do Nothing!, A monumental match was announced for ICW: Still Smokin', where the vacant ICW Tag Team titles will be suspended high above the ring, and the only way to obtain them is to climb fifteen feet up a steel ladder and grab them. The match will contain the top three teams in ICW today, and the three top contenders for the ICW Title;, The NAK vs The Sumerian Death Squad vs The Bucky Boys. At this time we are taking a look at the Tag Team titles and how we got to this point.

The controversy with the Tag Team titles started back in the summer of 2013 when, even though the Buckys had their hands raised at the end of the contest, the Sumerian Death Squad would have the last laugh as they left the then-tag team champions laying and stole the ICW Tag Team titles. The real controversy and confusion began when ICW management began to acknowledge the Sumerian Death Squad as champions, though they had never officially defeated the Bucky Boys. The Buckys refused to acknowledge this and, as far as they were concerned, they were still the tag team champions of ICW. A match between the two teams upon the Sumerian Death Squads return would see The Buckys again have their hands raised and this time, there would be no theft of the Tag Titles, which would remain with the Bucky Boys going into ICW's biggest ever show, Dave's Not Here Man! This would be the Bucky Boys biggest challenge to date as they had to defend against Fight Club, The Coffey Brothers and Team CK in a four-way elimination. Or so they thought.

The NAK took it upon themselves to jump Team CK, eliminate them from the contest and put themselves into the match-up. This would be a pivotal moment in ICW history, as the NAK were able to prevail and become new ICW Tag Team champions.

This did not sit well with anyone, particularly the former tag champions, but a rematch wouldn't be straight up handed to them. They would have to prevail in a triple-threat match between Fight Club and The Sumerian Death Squad. Again, this was not to be the Buckys evening as it was the Dutch Duo of the Death Squad who would have their hands raised and be declared official number one contenders for the NAK's tag titles. Known for doing things their way, Tommy End and Michael Dante decided to make life as difficult as possible for the Tag Team Champions, and decided they would take their opportunity to challenge for the Tag Titles at a time of their choosing.

The Tag titles would be used as the NAK's own personal possession with the dastardly trio showing the belts no respect at all, decimating them and spraying them with spray paint with NAK logos. They started to defend the titles under "NAK rules" (a variation of the rules enforced by the Freebirds back in the 80s) and seemingly defended them as and when they liked in any environment of their choosing. It appeared the ICW Tag Team Titles were in trouble, and there was no sign of the NAK releasing their grip over them.

This all changed at the Third Annual Square Go when the Buckys double-crossed the NAK, with Stevie Boy claiming he had jumped ship and joined the NAK, before their ruse was revealed a few moments later when Davey appeared, and an impromptu match was declared there and then for the tag titles. The short but explosive match resulted in further controversy for the Tag straps as StevIe pinned Divers while Renfrew pinned Davey, which caused the match to end in a draw. Dallas clearly saw this as his opportunity to get the tag titles back into the ICW camp and, although champions usually retain on a draw, he declared the titles vacant.

All the controversy surrounding the Tag Titles will hopefully come to an end March 30th at Still Smokin', when all three of the main challengers will be involved in a high-risk Ladder match. The contracted Sumerian Death Squad, the NAK and The Bucky Boys; all three teams embroiled in this tag division controversy. Hopefully, this match will bring the uncertainty to a decisive end.

But who does this match favour? The announcement of a Ladder match is perhaps a good omen for the Bucky Boys, as it was in a Ladder Match last year in March that they would defeat The STI to become tag champions, meaning they already hold a win over Divers in that very same match. The numbers do still favour the NAK though, but with Renfrew also facing Sabu and Wolfgang at the event, how much of a factor will he be in the match? Will he leave his NAK cohorts to take care of business without him? Then there is of course the tandem of the Sumerian Death Squad, considered by many as the best tag team in Europe today. They have already proven they have what it takes to get the job done on the big stage, becoming number one contenders in the very same venue. Another omen is the Bucky Boys have never beaten the NAK, so Renfrew, Divers and Gunn may very well have their number, while the NAK and Sumerian Death Squad have never faced each other, so there is an element of unknown mixed with the familiarity. The match is now set and the saga of the Tag Title confusion in Insane Championship Wrestling will hopefully come to an end, when undisputed Tag champions are crowned. Will it be the hometown heroes, the Dutch Assassins or devious NAK that prevail? There's only one way to find out...

ICW: Still Smokin' takes place on March 30th 2014, at the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Tickets on sale NOW at Ticketmaster UK, Tickets Scotland, and the O2 ABC website and box office.