Lainy Syme

At last night's Fear And Loathing VI, owner Mark Dallas, accompanied by a rather persuasive Chris Toal, made a special announcement just before the evening's main event. Following in the footsteps of Colt Cabana and The Man Beast, Rhyno, two more international luminaries were about to become welcomed into the ICW family. Paul London and Brian Kendrick, WWE's longest reigning Tag Team Champions, will make their ICW debut at March's event, Still Smokin'. However, never content with sharing one piece of good news, and with a bit of prodding from Toal, Dallas left fans fervent with the news that the "Homocidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying" Sabu would be returning to the ICW ring.

Both of these huge announcements are more than welcome by the ICW fans. London and Kendrick not only held the WWE Tag Titles for the longest time, but they're infamously outspoken and rebellious about the politics and policies of some of wrestling's biggest companies. They're also extremely passionate about wrestling and aim to make an impact on the profession they love, wherever they are; a perfect fit for ICW.

Sabu, a man whose attitude is tantamount to the ICW spirit, returns after a phenomenal debut against current ICW champion Jack Jester. These hardcore icons coming face to face in front of a sold out crowd at Dave's Not Here Man was highly anticipated and proved to be much more than the crowd could ever imagine. But just like Colt Cabana and Rhyno, Sabu failed to pick up a win against the ICW veteran, giving the legend some unfinished business to attend to this time around. London and Kendrick will also want to make their mark on the roster and will be looking for nothing short of a win when the debut in March.

The ICW roster go into Still Smoking' 3-0 against their international opponents. Can they keep up this amazing streak or will it all turn to ashes when these three icons roll into Glasgow on March 30th 2014? Keep checking the links below regularly for updates about when tickets go on sale. They're guaranteed to go fast for this one.

Tickets are on sale NOW at www.Tickets-Scotland.com, www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.TripleGMusic.com and the O2 ABC box office and website, priced at £15 each!