Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray Join The NAK!
By Scott Reid
Posted On 04-05-2015 22:03 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Renfrew , Kay Lee Ray , Stevie Boy , Wolfgang

Insane Championship Wrestling has long been an unpredictable, wild environment, where the strong survive, and anything can happen when you least expect it, and as a result, fans constantly speculate on, and conjour up their fantasy scenarios. Dream matches, unlikely tag teams, craziest stipulations, all discussed avidly by the ICW crowd on a regular basis. 

However, even with all of the hypothetical's discused, there are some moments that fans truly expect they will never see. Moments that they couldn't possibly hope to witness, due to the sheer magnitude of what would be transpiring before their eyes.

At ICW; Flawless Victory, when ICW returned home to the Garage in Glasgow to round of the Insane Entertainment System tour, fans bore witness to one of those unfathomable moments, as hell seeimingly froze over, pigs flew through the sky, and two members of the most beloved unit in ICW history turned their back on a friend, aligning themselves with a collective of human beings powered by chaos and anarchy.

For over a year, The Bucky Boys and The New Age Kliq have been locked in an endless war that has seen them battle it out time and again in some truly breathtaking matches. While the NAK certainly had their followers in the war though, The Bucky Boys, consisting of Davey Boy, Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray, along with their manager The Wee Man, were beloved by almost the entire ICW fanbase. A perfect combination of strength, speed and skill, The Bucky's were a team unlike any other, with a bond that was apparently unbreakable.

At Flawless Victory though, the NAK showed that nothing is truly unbreakable, as they delivered one of the most shocking moments to ever take place in an ICW ring. As The Bucky Boys competed in a handicap match against the NAK's Wolfgang, a masked figure took to the top rope, taking out Davey with a Hurricanrana. Unmasking themselves to the corwd, it was Kay Lee Ray who would be revealed as the assailant, before she threw up the dreaded 'N', signifying her new allegiance to the Kliq. 

Fans couldnt beleive what they were seeing, but the Kliq's games weren't over yet. At first appearing heartbroken by Kay Lee's actions, Stevie turned and showed his true colours to the ICW crowd, ploughing Davey Boy into the canvas with a Destroyer, breaking over 700 hearts in the Garage, and killing the Bucky Boys in one movement.

No-one as yet know's Steveie and Kay Lee's motivations for their actions, but no matter what their reasons, Insane Championship Wrestling will never be the same. The franchise tag team of the company, who helped pioneer an entire division is dead, and the New Age Kliq are now stronger than ever, as they bring one of the UK's most dominant female competitors, and the current ICW Zero-G Champion to the ranks.

We can now only wait with baited breath to hear what Stevie and Kay Lee have to say, and to see how Davey Boy will react!

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