Square Go! Part 2
By Jeffrey Berry

Square Go! That is all Jester and Whiplash seem to do when they are in each other's company in an ICW ring. The Square Go event has brought out the worst (and best) of this blood fued.

Fear & Loathing 4!: Jack Jester Vs. Mikey Whiplash

At the first annual Square Go event Whiplash and Jester would not just be involved in the Square Go match itself, but would have a single match on the undercard. Perhaps the prospect of entering the Square Go match with the opportunity of becoming the number one contender would have prompted by combatants to perhaps take it easy and hold back. This is Whiplash and Jester we are talking about and holding back isn't even in their vocabulary. Prior to the Square Go Whiplash had made his debut at Fear and Loathing 4 shocking everyone when he brutalised Jester, have you noticed the scars all over Jesters arm? The majority of those scars are a result of the attack by Whiplash when he carved Jesters arm open with Jesters own corkscrew.

Square Go!: Jack Jester Vs. Mikey Whiplash

The Square Go would be the next time these twisted souls would be in each other's presence and they continued where they left off and proceeded to try and destroy each other in a match that was taken all over the building and saw Whiplash thrown from the top turnbuckle through a table propped up across the guard rail! On this occasion it was Jester's hand that was raised but as the old saying goes, he won the battle but perhaps lost the war.

As Jester made his way to the ring to participate in the Square Go match, Whiplash took the opportunity to exact a semblance of revenge when Jester was making his way to the ring to compete. Whiplash struck from behind leaving Jester in no fit state to compete in the match. This would not be the last we would see of these two that evening as Whiplash drew the luckiest number of the batch drawing number 30 with a weapon, a hockey stick. Usually it would have been the luckiest possible scenario to be given entering the fray, but not when Jack Jester is on your case. Whiplash entered the ring but quickly on his tale was Jester who was armed with a roll of barbed wire. After a clothesline to the outside eliminated both Jester and Whiplash they would brawl to the back their participation in the Square Go over for that year, one later the Whiplash Vs Jester saga continued.

Second Annual Square Go

At the second annual Square Go Whiplash and Jester were considered strong favourites going into the match, and with no match on the undercard before hand, would be entering at full strength. Though the Jester/Whiplash feud at this time had been put on a temporary hold, this event would reignite the rivalry, this time with the most precious prize in the game on the line.

Jester would be the first to enter at number 17 was an immediate force in the contest eliminating several people whilst surviving in his own right, with each entrant, everyone was anticipating the entrance of the evil Whiplash. It appears lady luck likes to ride on the shoulders of the demented Whiplash as for the second year in a row, Whiplash drew number 30 and again was drawn with a weapon, a barbed wire baseball bat! It go down to Whiplash and Jester as the final two, they battled back and forth with advantage Whiplash as he was the fresher man, Jester has already been in the ring for 26 minutes before Whiplash had even entered the fray. Jack Jester is never one to lay down and roll over but it wasn't to be his night as Whiplash was able to dispose of Jester and become number one contender.

Mikey Whiplash Wins The World Title

Whiplash would make good of his contract when in May he was able to defeat then champion Red Lightning and become champion.

Two square go matches, both winners have went on to become the ICW Heavyweight champion. Proof that winning the Square Go match makes the odds of the winner becoming the next ICW champion very high indeed.

ICW's 3rd Annual Square Go will take place on January 26th 2014, at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster, Ticket Scotland, Solid Rock Café and Rufus T. Firefly.