Square Go!
By Jeffrey Berry

The term 'Square Go' means only one thing on the streets of Glasgow: if someone looks you dead in the eye and asks you for one, it means you're in for a fight! In the land of the insane, the term 'Square Go' not only means fight, it also means opportunity. The opportunity for the winner of the Square Go match to receive a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship at any time of their choosing.

The 3rd Annual Square Go is nearing, with 30 of the top wrestlers fighting it out to get the opportunity to be the number one contender for the most important title in the UK today.

With the event not long away, insanewrestling.co.uk is going to be taking a look back at the past two Square Go events. The highs, the lows and how the Square Go match shapes ICW for the year to come.

The Gold Label

At the 1st Annual Square Go, it is impossible to argue the fact that the entire evening was dominated by the Gold Label. It was a combination of one of the worst and best evenings in the Gold Labels run, depending on who you ask. The Gold Labels first appearance was in the ICW title match with defending champion James Scott going up against BT Gunn. Before this contest, it was a daunting possibility the Gold Label could gain control of the ICW title in all aspects, with a Gold Label champion and a Gold Label number one contender if all went to plan.

This was never to be as BT Gunn made sure that they fell at the first hurdle, as he was able to beat James Scott in a match many considered to be the match of the year. Going into the Square Go match, there was already animosity within the Gold Label between Lionheart and Red Lightning. Would they be able to co-exist? The short answer was yes. Red Lightning was the first of the group to enter the match, and was an immediate target to everyone else in the ring, due to the Label making many people's lives hell for a year at this point. He was able to hold on though until Lionheart entered, and it seemed they were indeed on the same page. The Gold Label hung in there but the game changed when Wolfgang, the enforcer of The Gold Label, entered the contest and had been one of the entrants drawn with a weapon, a steel chair.

The game changed quickly, with every single person in the ring that did not fly Gold Label colours being dealt with in a brutal manner. By the end of the first run of carnage, The Gold Label stood tall, the only ones left in the match. They then waited for each opponent to enter, taking their time to embarrass and then eliminate. Even the girls weren't safe. They offered Kay Lee Ray the opportunity to leave of her own free will, but the feisty Kay Lee refused and tried to fight on. They bullied her until the next entrant, Carmel, made her entrance, and we all know the history between those two. The Gold Label offered Kay Lee to Carmel and, though bitter enemies, Carmel defended Kay Lee with a swift kick to the baws for Red and Lionheart. The girls gave the Gold Label a fright, before they were able to regain their composure after taking both females too lightly and eliminate them.

Only three men stood between the Gold Label and guaranteed victory, but what then? Who of the Gold Label would get the honour of being number one contender? The next two entrants did not walk into the Gold Labels trap. Kid Fite made his way to the entrance but stayed out of the ring, baiting the Gold Label and distracting them long enough to allow Chris Renfrew to enter from behind with his then trademark kendo stick and take down all three members of the Gold Label, allowing the fresh Kid Fite to enter and gain the upper hand for a while. These would indeed be the last 5 men fighting it out for the right to be declared the first ever winner of the Square Go.

Entrant number 30 was Mikey Whiplash, who had been drawn with a hockey stick as his weapon. This would not be a factor as Jack Jester, who had been attacked on his way to the ring and taken out by Whiplash before he could even enter the ring, made his presence felt by hitting Whiplash with a roll of barbed wire and then eliminating both himself and Whiplash with the Cactus Clothesline to the floor. This would leave The Gold Label and the then Team ICW to battle it out. 5 quickly became 3 when Kid Fite and Wolfgang eliminated each other. It appeared Red was also eliminated when he was nailed by a Stoner by Renfrew that sent him flying from the ring, leaving Lionheart and Renfrew as the final two. After a back and forth battle between the two rivals, Lionheart was able to hit a superkick and tip Renfrew over the top rope. It was then Lightning by name, Lightning by nature as, out of nowhere, Red appeared and threw Lionheart over the tope rope. It was declared Red had gone through the middle rope, and was never officially eliminated, therefore allowing him to be declared the winner. This would result in one of the most important moments in ICW history as Reds celebration didn't last long. Lionheart returned, shunned by the sneaky tactics of his supposed friend. Red tried to talk his way out of it, but Lionheart was to have none if it and delivered a Final Moment followed by a thunderous Frog Splash. That moment was the beginning of the end of the Gold Label, but it was not the end of Red Lightning, only the beginning....

Red Lightning was the number one contender for the ICW Heavyweight Championship, but some events in his personal life forced him to walk away from wrestling for an undetermined time. Red would not be seen again until one of the most shocking moments in ICW history.

We would next see Red at In Your Gaff when, after BT Gunn had successfully defended the ICW title against Lionheart, the lights went down. When they reappeared, there was Red Lightning with the Square Go contract in hand, a contract Dallas had not voided. Red cashed in and became ICW champion. What would this mean for ICW over Red Lightning's reign? It would see the demise of the NAK, the rise of the Save Pro Wrestling movement, the title controversy between Red and Grado and the rise of Red Lightning from "midcard jobber" to main event star, proof that winning the Square Go can change the company as we know it.

ICW's 3rd Annual Square Go will take place on January 26th 2014, at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster, Ticket Scotland, Solid Rock Café and Rufus T. Firefly.