The 30 Man Square Go Match
By Scott Reid

On January 26th 2014, one of the most important matches of the year will take place. The 3rd Annual Square Go match is an opportunity for one member of the ICW roster to become the number #1 Contender to the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and be granted a title shot at a time of their choosing, for up to a year. 30 competitors will enter the ring, but only one will walk out with this amazing opportunity.

The chance for the #1 Contender to pick the time of their title match is a luxury which few others ever receive, and can give them the ultimate advantage when their time comes to compete for the gold. The first winner of the Square Go match, Red Lightning, picked his opportune moment wisely, and returned to cash-in his title match opportunity after then-champion BT Gunn had already gone through a gruelling title defence against Lionheart. Striking while his opponent was weak and vulnerable proved to be a smart move on the part of Red Lightning, who pinned Gunn to leave with the ICW Heavyweight Championship. It cannot be denied that this rare advantage can be a key factor when walking into a title match, and the only way to earn this advantage is to win the Square Go match.

It should also be noted that the previous two winners of the Square Go have both gone on to cash-in their title match opportunity, and win the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Red Lightning cashed-in first against BT Gunn, only for Mikey Whiplash to make good on his opportunity the following year by defeating Red Lightning. To out-last 30 other wrestlers takes skill and talent that only the best of the best possess. Winning the Square Go not only grants a wrestler the chance to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship, but it also cements their place as a main event competitor within ICW.

So who will walk into the Garage on January 26th, and leave with the opportunity of a lifetime? Will a veteran of the ICW roster, such as James Scott or Chris Renfrew, reign supreme in the match? Could a young newcomer, like Solar or Sebastian Radclaw, shock the world and win the match? Or could Red Lightning or Mikey Whiplash use their experience and knowledge to pull off a second chance at glory? Few matches in ICW are as important and exciting as the Square Go match, in which absolutely anything can happen. There really is no finer way to kick off ICW's year than with a Square Go!

ICW's 3rd Annual Square Go will take place on January 26th 2014, at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster, Ticket Scotland, Solid Rock Café and Rufus T. Firefly.