ICW's Third Annual 'Square Go' - Ones To Watch
By Jeffrey Berry

This year's ICW Square Go will arguably be the most competitive and evenly contested of all of the Square Go matches. Featuring a more established, experienced and hungry roster, along with many competitors entering the new year with new attitudes, it really is almost impossible to pick exactly who stands as the firm favourite. With all those interesting nuances in mind, InsaneWrestling.co.uk takes a look at those who could be the 'ones to watch' during this over-the-top-rope battle.

In the previous pair of Square Go matches, Wolfgang has been a dominant force, making it to the final 4 on both occasions. He also holds the most eliminations in one match, eliminating no less than 7 entrants in the 2012 Square Go match. The versatile big man also holds the record for the longest distance cleared with an elimination, although it could be disputed who he threw farther - Johnny Starr in 2012 or Solar in 2013!

Wolfgang is arguably the most rounded competitor in ICW today, with masses of strength, agility and experience on his side. It's also important to note that Wolfgang entered that same match in 2013 after a grueling 'Iron Man' match with James Scott earlier in the evening, yet still held his own. His one weakness may be his focus on hurting the NAK, BT Gunn in particular. This might drive Wolfgang's focus elsewhere, and hinder his progress from winning. In this writer's opinion, if Wolfgang can remain cool, and maintain a semblance of discipline, he will be a definite favourite in the match.

This is not Damo's first Square Go match; he entered into last year's match up. That may as well have been a different monster, as 'Big Damo' has evolved into a wrestling machine in the space of 12 months. Making his return to ICW in November, the big Irishman has been the bane of 'Local Hero', Joe Hendry's life since then. The Square Go match will be Damo's first real in-ring test since he made his return, and it's almost a bout designed for a man of Damo's size and stature. Tipping the scales at nearly 20 stones, it will be no easy feat tipping this man over the top rope, and it may require some 'Andre the Giant' tactics of teamwork and strength in numbers to even stand a chance of getting Damo out of there!

Though he does not carry huge experience in an ICW ring, he is a well-travelled wrestler with almost 10 years of wrestling under his belt. Damo could make a huge impact if he wins the Square Go, essentially skipping the queue to the title and becoming number one contender for the ICW Heavyweight Title.

As much as this truly sticks in the craw of ICW owner, Mark Dallas, there is nothing he can do, as the NAK all have it written into their contracts that they can enter the Square Go match when it occurs. The faction have shown a definite case of strength in numbers, proving that fact throughout 2013 with sneak attacks and gang beatings.

This has been the NAK's most successful year as a unit; the group haven't been defeated as a complete trio in 2013 (the team of Wolfgang/Grado defeated the team of Divers/Gunn this past November, but the NAK stated this was not an official match and was Divers fault anyway!). Also just picking up the 'Best Tag-Team Of 2013' in the ICW Awards, the NAK are on a roll that does not seem to be slowing down.

Chris Renfrew was in the final 4 in the first Square Go, and during the 2013 match it was ironically Gunn and Renfrew who eliminated each other, in the midst of their bitter rivalry. This year will be the first time the NAK have been in the Square Go match as a unit, and they have proved that their gang-like mentality works to their advantage before. If they can work as a team and make the numbers count they are definitely in contention to win. The main bone of contention against them being surefire winners? The faction have made so many enemies running into the match. They are all marked men, so the numbers may actually be working against them rather than in their favour!

The 'Ultimate Underdog' is also the ultimate nearly man when it comes to the ICW Heavyweight Title. Thinking he had been crowned champion back at the 'Super Smokin' Thunderbowl' in July, 2012, Grado was denied in a quickfire rematch on the same night, in which then-Champion, Red Lightning regained his belt.

Also taking champion, Mikey Whiplash to his limit at 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' in July, 2013, Grado was unlucky, being pinned with a back slide by the veteran in a hard-hitting 30-minute contest. In the 2013 Square Go, the odds were against Grado, as the clown prince drew number one in the match. He would not even get the opportunity to beat the odds, when a vicious attack by Red Lightning and the Coffey Brothers left Grado in no fit state to compete. He was then quickly eliminated by Andy Wild.

This will be Grado's second attempt at the Square Go match, and he must be considered one of the favourites to win by fans and critics alike. He continues to defy the odds on every occasion, most recently defeating Colt Cobana in the biggest match of his life at August's 'Dave's Not Here, Man'. Grado proves time and time again that he's a big match player, and there is essentially no bigger match than the opportunity to become number one contender at a time of your choosing, is 2014 the year Grado finally wins the big one and become ICW Heavyweight Champion?

If anyone was designed for the big match atmosphere, it's Lionheart. One of the most decorated grapplers around, the man has done it all in the Scottish wrestling scene. All except for one title, one title which continues to elude Lionheart, stopping him from becoming the first ever Grand Slam Scottish Heavyweight Champion, the ICW Heavyweight Title.

Lionheart competed in the first ever annual Square Go, being runner up that year, and did not appear in the 2013 match due to retirement. Contrary to the opinion of one Jackie Polo, Lionheart is a winner, and when he sets his sights on something, he tends to achieve. He is the only Scottish wrestler to compete for TNA and the WWE within one calendar year, ever. Winning the Square Go and then the ICW Heavyweight Title is the one goal that Lionheart has yet to achieve on our shores, and is in fact the reason many people believe he decided to return. This could be his year, but there is of course the Polo effect, which may be too big a weight to shake off. Only time will tell.

The above are just a few of the favourites, but certainly not all of them. Top names, such as Jack Jester, Mikey Whiplash and Red Lightning are all excluded from the match, which it makes the contest even more wide open. Other names set to appear are Mark Coffey, the current Zero-G champion,who is on the run of his life, and former Zero-G champions, Andy Wild and Noam Dar. The Bucky Boys and Fight Club are also all dangerous competitors as individuals, and there's also that old familiar numbers game which may work to their advantage.

This could be a new face on the ICW horizon's moment to step up and get noticed by the ICW faithful. If you're a betting man, keep your money firmly in your pocket, as it is just too hard to predict who will be become the winner of ICW's 'Third Annual Square Go'.

ICW's 3rd Annual Square Go will take place on January 26th 2014, at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster, Ticket Scotland, Solid Rock Café and Rufus T. Firefly.