Caged Animals Make It Official - BT Gunn Vs. Wolfgang In A Steel Cage
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 09-12-2014 21:12 GMT
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It's now official, both Wolfgang and BT Gunn have signed the contract, making their incredible cage match showdown for the Fourth Annual Square Go a reality. Typically, the huge 30-man over-the-top rope match itself takes centre stage, but it'll have company this time around, such are the high stakes for this barbaric confrontation, not to mention the massive ICW Heavyweight Title match between last year's Square Go winner, Chris Renfrew and reigning champ, Drew Galloway.

On Sunday, January 15th, ICW will invade the O2 ABC in Glasgow's city centre, starting 2015 with a suitable bang. The storied rivalry between the wronged Wolfgang, and the maniacal Gunn has become stuff of legend in Insane Championship Wrestling, with both deciding – alongside ICW management – that only a steel cage could settle their differences.

At Fear & Loathing VII on November 2nd, held in the infamous Barrowlands Ballroom, the cousins were both counted out during a brutal Last Man Standing war, prompting Wolfgang to decree that the only way to end this blood feud was by fighting it out inside the cold, harsh surroundings of a steel cage.

This past Sunday, at ICW: Brush Your Goose, the contract was signed, making the match official. Wolfgang put pen to paper fairly quickly, as ICW owner Mark Dallas was present, backed by an army of security, but BT Gunn seemed intent on playing mind games, making his opponent wait.

With an issue this personal, and the stakes this high, there was no way Wolfgang and BT Gunn could come face-to-face without coming to blows. Leaping over the security, Gunn instigated the violence, but truthfully, if he hadn't, it would have been Wolfgang – this feud has become perhaps the most intense in ICW, with no sign of the ferocity letting up as we roar towards what will surely be an early contender for 2015's match of the year.

See the official contract signing for the steel cage match between Wolfgang and BT Gunn from ICW: Brush Your Goose, only on ICW On Demand. Visit for more information, or follow the On Demand link at the top of this page!

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