By Scott Reid
Posted On 17-11-2014 20:26 GMT

On the 26th of January 2014, Chris Renfrew shocked the world by winning the Third Annual Square Go match, in extremely controversial fashion, and receiving a contract for a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship at a time of his choosing, for upto one year. Since that day, Renfrew has flaunted his contract, kept safe in his trusty briefcase, at every given opportunity, and has teased cashing in his title shot a number of times, only to have his plans thwarted.

At ICW: Fear & Lothian II in Edinburgh this past weekend however, Renfrew did something that almost no-one thought he would ever do. Taking to mic, and aggressively running his mouth about the ICW fans, Renfrew then turned his attention to the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and announced the very date that he would be cashing in his title match opportunity. On January 25th 2015, exactly 364 days after winning the contract, Chris Renfrew will be coming to the Fourth Annual Square Go event, at the 02 ABC, to challenge for the ICW Heavyweight Championship!

Currently, the man he is set to face on January 25th is ICW Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway, but that could very well change in the next few weeks, as Kid Fite has his opportunity to challenge for the ICW Heavyweight Championship at ICW: Brush Your Goose, at the Garage on December 7th.

No matter who Renfrew goes on to the face at the Fourth Annual Square Go though, he is determined to leave as the ICW Heavyweight Champion, and will do so by defeating his opponent in a straight up contest. The sneak attacks are gone, and no shortcuts will be taken. This match is not only an opportunity for Renfrew to become Champion, but it is alos a chance for him to rub his dominance in the face of everyone in ICW, from the fans, all the way to Mark Dallas himself. Can Chris Renfrew achieve, what he believes to be, his destiny, and become ICW Heavyweight Champion at the Fourth Annual Square Go? What a way it would be to kick off the New Year!

ICW: The Fourth Annual Square Go takes place at the 02 ABC in Glasgow, on Sunday January 25th 2015. Tickets are available now atwww.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com

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