4th Annual Square Go Ones to Watch
By Scott Reid
Posted On 24-01-2015 18:39 GMT

The 30 man Square Go match is one of the most exciting battles of the ICW calendar year. With almost everyone fighting for the chance to earn an ICW Heavyweight Championship match at a time of their choosing, this match offers one man the Golden Ticket to glory, and no-one wants to let it pass them by.

As we head into the event in a few short days, we take a look at 5 ones-to-watch in the match, who could have an definite impact on the match, and turn the tide in their favor, on the path to becoming ICW Heavyweight Champion.

Mikey Whiplash
When looking at odds-on favourites to win the Square Go match, one would be silly to not acknowledge former Square Go winner Mikey Whiplash. The walking enigma was victorious in the second Square Go event in 2013, and would go on to cash in his opportunity a few months later, winning the ICW Heavyweight Championship from Red Lightning.

Now recently returned after an 8-month absence, Mikey seems re-invigorated and fired up like never before, performing at the top of his game in two stellar matches against Darkside and Dickie Divers. With momentum behind him, and experience in the Square Go that is rivalled by few others, the demented Whiplash may be entering the 30-man match at the perfect time. Can the twisted former champion climb to the top of the mountain once again, and guarantee himself another shot at the gold?

In a Square Go of any kind, the big dog usually wins, and in ICW, there are few dogs bigger than Big Damo. Over 20 stone of pure, unadultered destruction, Damo is never an easy man to put down, but throwing him over the top rope? That may be near impossible!

The Beast of Belfast is a one-man wrecking crew who has shown in the ring, on numerous occasions, that he can destroy more than one opponent with relative ease. Faced with 29 other men, most competitors would crumble under the weight of the pressure, but nothing on this earth scares Big Damo. Now, with the possibility of an ICW Heavyweight Championship match driving him, The Beast may be more dangerous than ever. Can the man mountain eliminate 29 others, and bulldoze his way to becoming the ICW Heavyweight Champion in 2015?

New Age Kliq
Sure, the New Age Kliq are a unit, rather than one man, but if they are to get involved in the Fourth Annual Square Go match, you can bet they will, at the very least, make an noticeable impact on the 30 man war. Last year, the NAK pretty much dominated the entire match, using their numbers to eliminate almost anyone in sight, leading to Chris Renfrew eventually winning the match itself.

This year, The NAK are scattered throughout the card, with BT Gunn going to war in a Steel Cage, and Renfrew taking on Drew Galloway for the ICW Heavyweight Championship. However, that doesn’t mean that anarchists of ICW won’t still possibly make their presence felt later in the night. While Darkside is on the injured list at the moment, Dickie Divers is still officially set to enter the Square Go, but you can bet he’ll have some back-up in the form of his NAK brothers. Sure, he may be the ultimate dark horse, but nothing is out of the question when the New Age Kliq are around.

While he may not be a name that some ICW fans are familiar with, Nathan became a favourite to win this year’s Square Go the moment he entered the qualifying Battle Royal at ICW: Spacebaws – Episode 5 – Bill Murray Strikes Back. A dominating monster of a man, Nathan entered the Battle Royale and destroyed everyone in sight, eliminating the likes of Viper and Stone Cold Bobby Roberts, before absolutely decimating Switch.

With his statement of destruction made to the ICW fans, and the rest of the roster, Nathan has his eyes fixed on winning the Square Go match, and will destroy anyone in his path to do so. Besides his size and obvious power, one advantage this monster has going in to this match is that no-one really knows what to expect from him. Having only faced a handful of ICW stars in the past, the dark destroyer is a mystery to most of his opponents, who may not be ready for what the big man can do in the ring on January 25th

Polo Promotions
Matches like the Square Go are like game of human chess. You need to pick your moments to strike, and do your best to keep your plan in check. Two men who always have a carefully laid plan are Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey of Polo Promotions.

Two of the finest wrestlers in the country today, Coffey and Polo are also two of the slyest dogs in the pound, using their brains and their flawless teamwork to their advantage wherever possible. At the Fourth Annual Square Go, teamwork may be a deciding factor in the 30 man match, with Polo and Coffey able to work together to eliminate some of the must larger combatants. Ultimately though, this match is every man for himself, but perhaps it doesn’t matter who wins between the two men. Perhaps they are simply set on bringing the gold to Polo Promotions for Denise to shine up, and stick in the trophy cabinet.

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