By Scott Reid

The episode has gone live!

Ahead of the premiere of 'Insane Fight Club' on BBC One tomorrow at 10.35pm, ICW Worldwide will be bringing you a very special 30 minute countdown show at 10.05pm tomorrow evening, and what a jam-packed show it will be!

The first of this weeks featured matches is the Mikey Whiplash vs David 'Yum Yum' Devlin, with Grado as the special referee. Devlin was out for redemption after Whiplash purposely attacked him, and took away his chance of entering the Square Go match in January, but would the young man be able to take down the sadistic former ICW Heavyweight Champion, or would he become a victim of Whiplash's demented ways? Viewer discretion is most certainly advised for this contest.

Second is the first ever Edinburgh Street Fight, which saw The Bucky Boys and Wolfgang take on the collective might of the New Age Kliq. Tensions between these men have been through the roof, and it all comes to a head in Studio 24, in a match which saw everything from bins to skateboard ramps being used in what was simply a chaotic war. Would the New Age Kliq reign supreme again, or could The Bucky Boys and Wolfgang halt the momentum of Renfrew, Divers and Gunn?

And if that wasn't enough, Worldwide will also be bringing you exclusive footage of the widely-reported incident between Jack Jester and Red Lightning, which took place at Box last week, during the press screening of Insane Fight Club! Tune in to see what happened when an argument between the two ICW Heavyweight Champions, and apparent 'Best Friends', turned violent in front of the country's media!

This is undoubtedly the most brutal episode of ICW Worldwide to date, with scenes that may shock and disturb some viewers.

Do not miss this special Countdown edition of ICW Worldwide, which will lead directly into 'Insane Fight Club'. Tune in on Youtube, or insanewrestling.co.uk at 10.05pm tomorrow to check out all the action of ICW Worldwide, before turning over to BBC One at 10.35pm for the nationwide premiere of 'Insane Fight Club'!