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Posted On 17-12-2014 16:30 GMT
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The inaugural Spacebaws event was a night that showcased some of the hottest young talent in Scottish Wrestling today, but that's not to say a few ICW main-stays didn't show up to leave their mark on the event.

Celebrating his birthday that same evening, Chris Renfrew invaded the ring alongside BT Gunn and Darkside, looking to hijack the show to throw an NAK birthday bash, but one young talent, looking to make a name for himself in ICW, would come to the ring to break-up the New Age Kliq's shenanigans. That young man was Lou King Sharp.

Weighing in at a 'ripped, cut and jacked' 8 and a half stone, and standing at a 'massive' 5'4", Lou King Sharp may have looked completely out of his depth against Renfrew at first glance, but the stylish star proved himself to be more than up to the challenge of taking on ICW's resident anarchist. While he may have come up short in his match with Renfrew, Sharp made a lasting impression on the fans, and ICW management, due to his guts and will to win. With that in mind, ICW management have acquiesced to Sharp's request, and given him a chance to redeem himself, as he goes one-on-one this Sunday against Chris Renfrew.

Lou King Sharp may be the smaller man in this contest, but what he lacks in height and strength, he more than makes up for in speed and determination, and that may be the advantage he needs if he hopes to pick up a major victory over Chris Renfrew. Undoubtedly, Sharp is at a strength disadvantage in this contest, but in order for Renfrew to inflict any punishment on his smaller opponent, he has to catch him first. A win over the #1 contender to the ICW Heavyweight Championship could be just what Lou needs to catapult himself into the spotlight of the main ICW roster, and hopefully get on the road to picking up some ICW championship gold.

To do that however, he'll have to do what many think is impossible, and defeat one of the most dangerous men in ICW history, Chris Renfrew. The current holder of the Square Go contract, and the man who will face ICW Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway at the Fourth Annual Square Go on January 25th, Renfrew is one of the most feared individuals to ever step foot between the ropes of the ICW ring, known for his unpredictability and his lack of remorse for his opponents. Lou King Sharp may be out to make a name for himself, but making an enemy of Chris Renfrew is not a tactic that has fared well for many others in the past. On Sunday December 21st, Sharp may come to realize that when you pick a fight with one of the biggest dogs in the yard, sometimes you get bitten hard.

So will Renfrew once again take down the driven newcomer, or will Lou King Sharp force Chris to fix up, look sharp, and stay down for the 3 count? Don't miss this David vs Goliath contest, this Sunday at ICW: Spacebaws - Episode V - Bill Murray Strikes Back!

ICW: Spacebaws - Episode V - Bill Murray Strikes Back takes place this Sunday, December 21st at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are available now at and

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