Spacebaws V: Layla Rose vs Sammi Jayne
By Scott Reid
Posted On 17-12-2014 16:32 GMT
Tags: Layla Rose , Sammii Jayne

Arguably no-one made more of a bigger impact at the last Spacebaws event than the German destroyer, Layla Rose. Added into a match against Courtney, Emily Hayden and Lucy Cole by Spacebaws GM Red Lightning, Rose would go on to decimate all three of her opponents in a quick and convincing fashion, cementing her dominance over the female division in ICW: Spacebaws.

Now, this Sunday, the 'Barbie Breaker' returns to Spacebaws to take on her opponent, ICW debutante Sammii Jayne. Layla Rose may have already shown her potential to destroy opponents, but with the reputation that her opponents is bringing to ICW, Sammii Jayne may prove to be far tougher to beat than some would think.

While still young in her career, Sammii Jayne has worked extensively throughout the Scottish wrestling scene in the last few months, taking on the likes of Nikki Storm and Viper, and earning a name for herself as an extremely resiliant competitor. While she may be stepping into the ring with the destructive Layla Rose, Sammii has had more than her fair share of challenges put before, and the young newcomer may be able to use that experience to halt the momentum of the Barbie Breaker

Can Sammii Jayne overcome her monstrous challenge, and pick up the win at her ICW: Spacebaws debut, or will Layla Rose add another victim to her list, and further cement herself as the most dominant female in Spacebaws?

ICW: Spacebaws - Episode V - Bill Murray Strikes Back takes place this Sunday, December 21st at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are available now at and

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