Spacebaws V: The Gatecrashers vs. David The Beloved and A Mystery Partner
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 17-12-2014 16:35 GMT
Tags: Christopher Saynt

Ever since crash landing in ICW way back at ICW: Dave's Not Here, Man in August, 2013, David The Beloved has spoken candidly about his wish to rid the promotion of “filth”. During his debut congregation that fateful evening in Edinburgh, the egomaniacal preacher laid out his plans going forward in Insane Championship Wrestling, but it's fair to say such scheming hasn't exactly planned out the way he may have liked.

Instantly taking a dislike to the confident, brash and proud Christopher Saynt – the first openly-gay performer in Scottish pro wrestling history, Beloved has set his sights on vanquishing the man he dubbed a 'sinner, not a saint' from ICW folklore.

Sadly for the demented minister, Saynt has backup in the form of Dave Conrad, who poses quite the physical threat. Together, Saynt and Conrad form The Gatecrashers, the newest sensation to hit the ICW tag-team division. Already, the sensational duo have taken ICW Tag-Team Champions, Polo Promotions all the way, coming agonisingly close to defeating them at ICW: Brush Your Goose.

With the strong experience of facing Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey behind them, The Gatecrashers main goal is now to turn the tables on David The Beloved, and send him packing! This Sunday, at ICW Spacebaws – Episode V: Bill Murray Strikes Back, an intriguing tag bout has been signed, pitting the fiery newcomers against Beloved and a partner of his choosing.

As always in such circumstances, the peculiar question here is exactly who Beloved's partner will be – is it somebody new, a fresh sheep who have been taken under the wing of the nefarious preacher, or could it be someone already on the ICW roster?

One thing is for certain, The Gatecrashers will come out all guns blazing, but it's fair to say they should be mindful of exactly what tricks David The Beloved may pull from out behind his tainted altar.

ICW Spacebaws – Episode V: Bill Murray Strikes Back takes place this Sunday, December 21st at The Garage in Glasgow's city centre. Tickets are still available from and! Don't miss your chance to witness the final ICW event of the year, in person!

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