Polo Promotions (DCT And Jackie Polo) vs. Sweeney And Solar
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 17-12-2014 16:39 GMT
Tags: DCT , Jackie Polo , Mark Coffey , Solar , Sweeney

Irrespective of being one half of the current reigning ICW Tag-Team Champions, Jackie Polo has had his attention taken away from his successful partnership with Mark Coffey on many occasions, and it's not exactly something small which is stealing the loudmouth's focus.

Known by many ICW faithful as a big, friendly giant, Sweeney seems to just be constantly on the lookout for a good time, striking up a friendship with ICW owner, Mark Dallas due to the similar personalities the pair have. Similarly, big Sweeney hasn't taken kindly to the bully-boy tactics of Polo and crew, who have targeted the diminutive lightweight-sensation, Solar in the past.

Seemingly getting their kicks from throwing the smaller man around, Polo Promotions have acted like a gang of thugs when up against Solar, something which hasn't escaped the notice of Sweeney. Perhaps in part due to his relationship with Dallas, the big man will team with Scotland's favourite Scottish “Mexican” against Jackie Polo and another member of the bragging faction, DCT.

Recently, the 'International Sex Hero' was nominated for Best Moustache in ICW at the annual ICW Awards, but he would surely covet a tag-team victory for his squad over their opponents this Sunday at ICW Spacebaws – Episode V: Bill Murray Strikes Back over such a prestigious prize.

The unlikely little and large combination of Sweeney & Solar may be unorthodox, and Jackie Polo may be a reigning ICW Tag Champ, but this isn't the mismatch Polo Promotions claim it to be. Underneath all that swagger, there's a niggling doubt at the back of their collective minds, not to mention a hell of a lot of fear that Sweeney could burst their little bubble of delusion at the final ICW event of 2014.

Polo Promotions may be famous for saying, 'Who bad? We bad!', but after this Sunday, they could be changing that to, 'Who beat? We beat!', certainly is Sweeney & Solar have their merry way!

ICW Spacebaws – Episode V: Bill Murray Strikes Back takes place this Sunday, December 21st at The Garage in Glasgow's city centre. Limited tickets are still available from www.ticketmaster.co.uk andwww.triplegmusic.com, for what will be ICW's final show of the year!

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