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Posted On 08-09-2014 22:12 GMT
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He has had to deal with a jealous team-mate, a vindictive manager, and a Zero-G Champion who has not made his path easy thus far, but Kenny Williams has continued to plough through and, after defeating Joe Hendry, Damo and Kid Fite at ICW: '1.21 Gigawatts, Great Scott', the boy wonder will get one more shot at reaching his destiny, by taking on Mark Coffey for the ICW Zero-G Championship at ICW: Spacebaws - Episode 4 - A New Hope on September 21st in Glasgow.


Kenny Williams has become one of the most beloved stars in ICW, despite the efforts of James R. Kennedy to keep Williams under his control. Fast, exciting, and driven to become the standard bearer of the Zero-G division, Kenny has gone above and beyond in his matches to prove that he deserves a shot at Mark Coffey's title. Coffey, however, has not made the young mans quest simple as, the last time they faced off, Mark took advantage of a rib injury that Kenny had sustained earlier in the night at the hands of Joe Hendry. at less than 100%, Kenny was unable to match the Champion in the ring, and Coffey was able to walk away with the gold once again.


At ICW: '1.21 Gigawatts, Great Scott', Kenny defeated three other men, including Joe Hendry, to become the #1 Contender to Mark Coffey's title, and challenge the champion on September 21st. While Kenny was overjoyed at the chance to take on Coffey again, the rest of the Kennedy Administration did not feel the same way, and 'The Consequence' Timm Wylie was let loose on Williams, dropping the young man with a vicious spear.


While the odds may be stacked firmly against Kenny Williams heading into his Zero-G Championship match on September 21st, fans are well and truly behind the young star, and with a heart as big as any in the ICW locker room, Kenny Williams will be out to show, once and for all, that he is worthy of the ICW Zero-G Championship. Will September 21st be the date that a star is truly born in ICW?

ICW: Spacebaws - Episode 4 - A New Hope takes place at the Garage in Glasgow, on Sunday September 21st. Tickets are available now at Ticketmaster, and Tickets-Scotland!

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