Spacebaws Episode VI - Kenny Williams vs. Noam Dar
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 03-03-2015 13:03 GMT
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Darwars goes 'Back To The Future' at ICW Spacebaws: Episode VI - Return Of The Jewdi, and if that isn't a confusing enough sentence for you, then just imagine what kind of madness will go down when Noam Dar faces ICW Zero-G Champion Kenny Williams on March 15th. The latest Spacebaws event will take place at The Garage in Glasgow, one of ICW's favourite venues, and it's set to be a memorable one, not least because of this match between two real-life best pals.

On the first stop of the Insane Entertainment Tour, Dar just came up short, battling Kenny for the Zero-G belt in Dundee. During that bout at ICW: Liu Kang Wins, Williams looked like an assured champion, which is no real surprise given the sheer amount of title defences the man has had since bagging the belt way back in September, 2014.

Even in the span of approximately five months sitting on the Zero-G throne, Kenny Williams has fought relentlessly for respect, something he has earned from the ICW spans. Noam Dar himself knows all about respect, a trait the ever-talented young performer had to gradually learn matters in Insane Championship Wrestling.

Make no mistake about it, Dar wants that ICW Zero-G belt around his waist once more. As the first wrestler to ever hold the title, Noam has watched the prestige of the Zero-G Title grow since his first reign began in 2010, and is the first to admit that his pal Kenny Williams has only raised the stock of the strap during his tenure as champion.

As much as Kenny and Noam are friends away from the ring, both are tremendously competitive when inside it, and pieced together a corker of a bout in Dundee on February 15th. More of the same will be the edict from the ICW fans in attendance, and there's little doubt that the tandem will deliver.

Incredibly, since Red Lightning has become the General Manager of Spacebaws, he has passed an edict stating that should Noam Dar fail to beat Williams for the Zero-G Title, Dar will never get another shot at the belt for as long as Red is in charge.

The ICW Zero-G Title has already changed hands once at a Spacebaws event, can lightning strike twice, especially with this massive pressure on Dar's shoulders? If it does, it represents almost a rebirth for Noam, who will stop at nothing to get one over on Red Lightning and leave as champion. For Kenny Williams however, Dar embodies the kind of wrestlers he knows he has to continue beating in order to remain in the hot seat.

ICW Spacebaws: Episode VI - Return Of The Jewdi takes place at The Garage on Sunday, March 15th, 2015. Tickets are still available and!

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