Spacebaws Episode VI - DCT vs Joe Hendry
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-03-2015 21:28 GMT
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ICW: Spacebaws events showcase the best young talent in the country, with every up-and-coming competitor on the roster doing everything in their power to impress both the fans, and ICW management for the opportunity to make it to the main roster. Some frequent Spacebaws faces have already made the jump to the main roster however, and two of those names with collide on Sunday March 15th, at the Garage in Glasgow, at ICW: Spacebaws – Episode 6 – Return of the Jewdi.

‘The International Sex Hero’ DCT has taken his rightful place as the golden boy of Polo Promotions in recent months, with the young star learning from Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey, and looking extremely impressive in the process. While he may be extremely eccentric, and maybe even a little delusional in some respects, no-one can deny that DCT has become a very impressive competitor in ICW, developing quite a nasty side to his personality that seems to be favouring him well in the ring. Looking to further cement himself as a bone-fide ICW star, DCT comes to Spacebaws on March 15th with victory on his mind, but to achieve the win, he will have to go through the ‘Global Hero’ Joe Hendry.

Joe Hendry shocked the world when he returned, with a brand new ICW contract, at the Fourth Annual Square Go, making it to the final four of the massive 30-man battle. Since then, Joe has been performing better than ever, defeating the likes of Mikey Whiplash and The 55 in competition. Now returning to the same brand where he almost lost his career, Joe comes to Spacebaws with a new attitude, and the fans firmly behind him. The odds are somewhat stacked against Hendry once again though, with DCT no doubt having Polo Promotions in his corner, but the Global Hero has spent his short career defying the odds, and Spacebaws – Episode 6 – Return of the Jewdi may be no exception.

The International Sex Hero goes head-to-head with the Global Hero in, arguably, the biggest battle of bravado in Spacebaws history. Can DCT pick up the win, and further prove himself to be the future of Polo Promotions and ICW? Or will Joe Hendry return to Spacebaws, and leave as a winner?

ICW: Spacebaws – Episode 6 – Return of the Jewdi takes place on Sunday March 15th at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are available now and

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