by Scott Reid

Since his shocking dismissal from ICW following ICW: Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, Sweeney has been completely off the radar, with his usually constant Twitter presence grinding to a halt and the moustached brawler becoming almost impossible to find.

In recent weeks however, that appears to have changed. While no-one has physically seen or heard from him, Sweeney has taken to Twitter, posting somewhat cryptic tweets, quoting those within ICW who have spoken of him. First quoting commentators Billy Kirkwood and Sean David, Sweeney appeared to be making a point about the part he played in keeping ICW under Mark Dallas's control, while still not giving any hints as to his whereabouts or motivations.

Most recently however, things have taken a worrying turn, with Sweeney making reference to quotes made by the New Age Kliq's Chris Renfrew;

"Sweeney fired? Used by the system and then discarded…."

"We respect you Sweeney and if you ever want a way back in….the NAK is always open…"

With these statements obviously grabbing Sweeneys attention, and his overall mysterious presence at the moment, many questions arise; Is Sweeney looking to return to ICW? Will he be out to make Mark Dallas pay for his firing? Would he look for vengeance alongside the New Age Kliq?

Should he be looking to return, he has not specified when or where he would do so. Only Sweeney truly knows what his plans are at this moment, but with his tweets now appearing more often, it may be safe to assume that this extremely dangerous individual is out for blood in some form or another. It is now simply a matter of waiting to find out if and when Sweeney will break his silence completely, and what repercussions there will be for those responsible for his firing.