Kid Fite vs Liam Thomson
By Scott Reid
Posted On 23-06-2014 15:06 GMT
Tags: Kid Fite , Liam Thomson

The implosion of Fight Club has started a war between Liam Thomson and Kid Fite,which shows no signs of calming. At every given opportunity, Liam has taken it upon himself to attack and brutalize his former partner, in an attempt to prove himself as the most dominant member of Fight Club.

When they finally came to blows in a match at ICW: A Show In London on May 4th, Liam and Fite almost tore each other, and the 02 Academy Islington apart in a knockdown, drag-about brawl which even saw Liam being thrown through a wall!

On that night, Liam came out on top, with some help from Carmel, but now, Kid Fite has the chance to even the score, as he will take on his former partner in an I Quit match at ICW: Shug's House Party at the 02 ABC in Glasgow!

Its often said that anyone can be beaten on any given night, but to be victorious in an I Quit match, one must be willing to go that extra mile to destroy their opponent, to a point that they have no choice but to give up by their own volition. With everything that has already transpired between Liam and Fite, many are left wondering what it will actually take for one of these men to submit to the others dominance, and say those sacred words, 'I Quit!'.

Can Kid Fite level the playing field, and force his cocky former-partner to give up? Or will Liam Thomson break Kid Fite, and lay further claim to being the superior member of Fight Club?

ICW: Shug's House Party takes place on Sunday July 27th at the 02 ABC in Glasgow. This is event is now SOLD OUT!

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