Grado vs Johnny Moss
By Scott Reid
Posted On 10-06-2014 18:19 GMT
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Last month at ICW: Jimmy Nail's Revenge, Grado brought his own brand of fun to Newcastle for the first time in a match against Polo Promotions. Teaming with Grado that evening was the returning 'Vigilante' Johnny Moss. With a destroyer like Moss on his side, Grado came into the match confident and fired up, eventually working with 'The Vigilante' to topple Polo Promotions. Post-match, Grado looked to keep the party going with an in-ring celebration, and tried to bring out the fun in Mossy, but what he actually awakened was much more terrifying.

Suddenly, and without warning, 'The Vigilante' snapped and leveled Grado with a face-shattering lariat, before beating the 'Stevenston Dream' senseless, leaving him lying beaten and bruised in the center of the ring.

What transpired what shocking to say the least, but at ICW: Shug's House Party, Grado has a chance at redemption, as he goes one on one with Johnny Moss in front of a packed Glasgow crowd. Grado is a man who has defied the odds from the moment he walked into ICW, and has never backed down from anyone, no matter who they are. Now, Grado will take on his biggest physical challenge to date in the form of 'The Vigilante', but can 'The People's Champion' defy the odds once again and defeat one of the most destructive forces that ICW has ever seen?

Johnny Moss is a destroyer. It's as simple as that. One of the most experienced wrestlers in the UK today, Mossy has traveled all over the world, leaving nothing but destruction and broken bodies in his wake. With almost superhuman strength at his disposal, Johnny Moss has defeated some of the biggest names in ICW, and now, he takes on a man who could not be more different in comparison to himself. While Grado brings a joyous, fun attitude to the ring, Johnny Moss is all business, and that serious approach to what he does may be the difference maker in this contest.

It's David vs Goliath as Grado battles 'The Vigilante' Johnny Moss at ICW: Shug's House Party on July 27th at the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster, Tickets Scotland, Triple G Music's website and the 02 ABC box office, however there are only a handful of tickets left (less than 50), so get yours while you still can!

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