Fear & Loathing 7 Announcement
By Scott Reid
Posted On 23-06-2014 15:17 GMT

'Fear & Loathing'. A name so important to the history of Insane Championship Wrestling. A yearly spectacular which showcases the absolute best in ICW, each Fear & Loathing is bigger and better than the last, and at ICW: Shug's House Party on July 27th, the road to ICW: Fear & Loathing VII officially begins!

At ICW: Shug's House Party, ICW owner Mark Dallas will be on-hand to announce the location of this years ICW: Fear & Loathing VII to the sold-out crowd at the 02 ABC. Always playing his cards close to his chest, Dallas has given no hints as to where the event will take place, but with the massive expansion of ICW this year, the possibilities are endless!

While ICW has grown throughout the years and taken over some of the biggest venues in Glasgow, there are still a handful of venues which have never played host to an ICW event. That being said, Fear & Loathing VII could very well be the first Fear & Loathing to take place outside of Glasgow. Edinburgh has become a second home to ICW in recent months, so it's not unrealistic that Fear & Loathing may take place in Scotland's capital city.

Even further from Glasgow, Fear & Loathing could very well take place south of the border, in England. Reaction from fans in London and Newcastle has been overwhelming, so perhaps Dallas feels it necessary to give the English fans an opportunity to experience the biggest show on ICW's yearly calendar.

Whatever the situation may be, we will have to wait until ICW: Shug's House Party on July 27th to find out for sure. One thing is for sure though: On July 27th, we will officially begin on the road the biggest ICW: Fear & Loathing ever!

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