The Coffeys vs The London Riots
By Scott Reid

At ICW: A Show In London, The Coffeys will ride together again, as Joe and Mark have been announced to appear at ICW's first event to take place south of the border. The current Zero-G Champion and ICW's 'Iron Man' have been focusing mainly on their singles careers as of late, but there is no stronger bond than blood, and The Coffeys will surely be heading to London to make a definite, and no doubt painful, impression on their opponents. That being said, the men who Mark and Joe will be facing are no strangers to a good old fashioned fight.

James Davis & Rob Lynch, collectively known as the London Riots, may be not familiar to the ICW environment, but with the reputation they bring to the ring, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that they will fit right in. Two tough-as-nails brawlers, who also possess great technical skill, Davis and Lynch have made a name for themselves around the UK as one of the most physically imposing, and well-oiled units around. Powerful, violent and always ready to fight, The London Riots have steam-rolled through teams up and down the country, and now, they face not only one of the strongest tandems around, but they will meet their opponents on the most insane battleground in all of British Wrestling. Many men would be intimidated by the thought of facing such a dominant team on their home turf, but The London Riots back down from no-one, and will be looking to take out one of the ICW's home teams in their debut for the company.

The Coffey Brothers may have something to say about that, however. Joe and Mark Coffey are two of the most well-conditioned athletes in all of Scottish Wrestling, and have proven time and time again what a destructive force they are together, man-handling and pummelling almost every tag-team that ICW has. Mixing technical mastery with complete blunt force trauma, The Coffeys are a team who can take almost anyone to the limit, and will no doubt give the London Riots a welcome to ICW that they will never forget!

ICW: A Show In London takes place on May 4th 2014, at the 02 Acadamy Islington in London. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster, Tickets Scotland, Triple G Music and the 02 Academy Islington.