James Scott Vs. Joe Coffey
Amanda Seymour

Since winning the Zero G Championship at ICW: There's Something About Mary(Hill) in September, current title holder Mark Coffey has seen off a couple of very formidable opponents in order to keep hold of the title belt. With strong wins over both Solar and Noam Dar in the past two months, it would be safe to say that Coffey has been on a roll, and will be looking to round out his year by continuing his winning streak this Sunday at ICW: 100% Shenanigans. The only thing standing in his way right now is the formidable, 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson.

Since re-emerging with a more aggressive demeanour, Thomson has become more impressive than ever before. His new attitude has seen him become more driven and focused than the fun loving man ICW fans were used to seeing. Despite a run of losses lately, he is still an extremely dangerous man to be in the ring with. After being disqualified from matches at the last few events for excessive violence, a rarity by ICW standards, the chance to win his first ICW title will only serve to make him more of a danger for Mark Coffey.

Both of these men are also well-versed when it comes to competing against each other. As members of the Coffey Brothers and Fight Club respectively, Mark Coffey and Liam Thomson know each other very well , and have faced off often enough to have a good grasp of each other's strengths and weaknesses. That knowledge will make for an interesting and fiercely fought contest. Coffey and Thomson both have the goods needed to pull off a win in this match. The only thing left to do is to see who can get that 1-2-3 pin and close out their year with the Zero G title around their waist.

ICW: 100% Shenanigans will take place on Sunday December 1st at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster UK, Tickets Scotland, Ripping Records and TripleGMusic. Tickets can also be purchased at Solid Rock Cafe & Rufus T. Firefly, priced at £12 each.