Scott Reid

To finish off a monumental 2013, Insane Championship Wrestling returns to the Garage in Glasgow on December 1st for ICW: 100% Shenanigans, and what better way to end the year than to write another chapter in an ever-growing feud, built out of anger and respect.

After a series of incredible encounters in the past, Grado and Mikey Whiplash will do battle one more time on December 1st, but after a recent personality shift from Whiplash, will Grado be stepping back into the ring with the respected wrestler, or the man who tried to end his career over a year ago?

During their earliest run-ins, Mikey Whiplash made it a personal aim to rid ICW of Grado, in the most literal sense. With rage in his heart, and destruction on his mind, Mikey tried everything to run Grado out of wrestling forever, using thumbtacks and brutality as his weapons, but Grado refused to bow down to the brutality of Whiplash.

Sometime later, in July of 2013, a much more level-headed Mikey Whiplash, who had recently captured the ICW Heavyweight Championship, offered Grado a shot at the gold, and both men competed in one of the most breath-taking matches in recent memory. The champion and the challenger were taken to the limit, and left fans speechless, and begging for more.

Now, the ICW crowd will have the opportunity to see these two, very different, wrestlers go at it once again, but under what circumstances? Will Grado be taking on the man who appeared to have developed some form of respect for him, or will he be put in a situation where his career, and even his life, will be on the line as he battles a madman? Until December 1st, absolutely no-one will have any clue as to how things will go. All that's certain, is that this will be a match that no-one should miss!