After another successful visit to the capital, Insane Championship Wrestling gears up for it's final extravaganza of the year, 100% Shenanigans!

No matches have yet been announced for the bookend show, but expect the fallout from the inaugural Fear and Lothian show to spill over into the event. Although the name 100% Shenanigans suggests a light-hearted atmosphere, a potential shadow looms over the show in the form of the New Age Kliq, who were all on the losing end of their respective matches at Fear and Lothian, and will no doubt be doubly determined to make an impact at the Garage.

Likewise, tension is brewing in the camp of the former Gold Label, who were involved in a heated confrontation when Lionheart re-signed with ICW. James Scott made his feelings about Lionheart and Red Lightning (who has not officially resigned with Insane Championship Wrestling at this time) known, challenging his former partners to a match, which was at the time declined. No fists have been thrown yet, though it remains to be seen whether or not this civility continues.

Mikey Whiplash will also be looking to make his presence felt at the show, having lost a third successive match for the first time in his tenure at ICW. Given how strongly he started the year by winning the Square Go, Whiplash will no doubt be looking to end the year with a (no doubt violent) bang!

Also, videos have been sent to ICW, promising that at the Garage on December 1st, someone else will also be returning to "the scene of the crime". No clues have yet been given as to what this refers to, or to the identity of the person or people responsible for the footage, other than they will appear at the show.

2013 has been ICW's biggest yet, running in more venues (old and new) than ever before, but it is only fitting that they return to the place this year began to end it, as Insane Championship Wrestling returns to the Glasgow Garage for the first time in five months! Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment!