Sha Samuels VS Joe Coffey
By Scott Reid
Posted On 19-05-2015 15:46 GMT
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ICW GM Red Lightning has been making a lot of enemies as of late, but no one man has felt the wrath of the former ICW Heavyweight Champion more than the Iron Man, Joe Coffey. Stemming from the break-up of their former faction, Save Pro-Wrestling, Red Lightning has made it his personal mission to ruin Joe Coffey’s life a misery, and to do this, he has enlisted the services of James R. Kennedy’s thugs, The 55. Last month, at ICW: Flawless Victory, The 55 almost succeeded in taking the career of Joe Coffey, with Sha Samuels attacking the Iron Man’s knee at the behest of the ICW General Manager.

While Samuels may have dealt some damage to the Iron Man, Coffey is by no means broken, and on July 26th, he is coming for revenge. At Shug’s Hoose Party II at the 02 ABC, ‘The Iron Man’ Joe Coffey takes on ‘The East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels.

Arguably on the run of his career, Joe Coffey has never looked more impressive than he does now, despite his recent problems with Red Lightning. Voted the ‘Wrestler of the Year 2014’ by the ICW fans, Joe’s skills in the ring are some of the most finely tuned in all of ICW, with the Iron Man having travelled as far as Japan to train with some of the absolute best in the business. With his unquestionable abilities now coupled with a desire for revenge, Joe Coffey may be a more dangerous than we have ever seen him as he makes his way to Shug’s Hoose Party II.

One man who may be more dangerous though, is ‘The East-End Butcher’ Sha Samuels. A one-man wrecking crew, Samuels has proven himself time and again to be as savage as they come inside the squared circle, making him an ideal member of The 55. Sha is already an extremely dangerous individual on his own, but with The 55 behind him, he may very well be unstoppable. Joe Coffey has promised to bring a new level of intensity to the ring on July 26th, but will it be enough to stop the uncontrollable rage of the East-End Butcher?

Shug’s Hoose Party II may be the biggest party of the summer, but when Joe Coffey and Sha Samuels step into the ring together, there will be room for fun and games? This will be a battle between two of the most physically dominant men in ICW, and no-one can know for sure what hell they will put each other through in the 02 ABC.

ICW: Shug’s Hoose Party II, part of the Waynestock weekender, takes place at the 02 ABC in Glasgow on Sunday July 26th. Tickets are available now at,, and

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