Sha & Stone – Hostile Takeover!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 20-11-2014 19:00 GMT
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Throughout ICW history, there have been many characters looking to make a statement, but few have been quite as visceral as Sha Samuels and Martin Stone. At Fear & Loathing VII, the latter would make his presence felt, effectively costing Grado his match against Sha. Last night at ICW: Fear & Lothian II, a packed City Nightclub audience witnessed yet more domination from the threatening duo.

Initially, the main event of the show was on paper as Grado vs. Martin Stone, with the master of the 'Wee Boot' looking to gain a measure of revenge for what happened at the Barrowlands. Such a singles encounter would have to wait, as both Stone and Sha again jumped Grado, prompting none other than The Bucky Boys to storm out and make the save.

As things often do in ICW, the best laid plans went awry, and chaos would prevail; instead of the scheduled one-on-one match, fans were instead treated to an impromptu tag-team main event, with Stevie Boy joining Grado to take on Stone and Sha.

If ICW fans were hoping this would be the night where justice was met, they'd leave disappointed. Following a tremendous bout – it's unlikely anybody was let down by the quality of this main event – Martin Stone and Sha Samuels would leave with their hands raised once again. The sheer dominance being displayed by the English pairing is quite frightening, and God only knows what they have in mind next.

The night ended well for The Bucky Boys and Grado, at least in front of the fans. Even though Davey Boy had run amok on the vicious Stone & Sha, chasing them from the ring, the syndicate-style duo were never likely to leave the building licking their wounds.

Indeed, during an interview backstage, Martin Stone and Sha Samuels attacked their opponents, laying into The Bucky Boys and Grado with incredible ferocity. Both then turned their attention to the ICW cameras, telling all who would listen that this is only the beginning, chillingly taunting anyone who feels they can stop them.

The Bucky Boys and Grado are never ones to back down from a fight, but have we ever seen a team with such dangerous and eery-presence in Insane Championship Wrestling, like Martin Stone and Sha Samuels possess?

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